April 20, 2019



Week ! AKA DAY 4

Actually hasn't even been a week yet Haha! But the minute I got to put my badge on was the best feeling, I've become a representative of jesus christ! I already love everyone here, I have two companions. Sister Mitchell is from Augusta Georgia and loves taking pictures and is so so sweet and loving she's going to serve in st George Utah at the visitors center and sister houser is from castle rock Colorado and was a personal trainer before she came and went to school for a semester at Utah state she will be with new in nauvoo. We had a temporary fourth companion the first day here and wish she was still with us but sister kafoa came from Tonga and everything she said was gold lol! She always made us laugh and we love when we see her around campus. Our district is the best! We have two trios and then two sister companions. The lessons here are so eye opening and feel the spirit so strongly here. And I have cried multiple times every day for sure, sister Mitchell always come in handy with the tissues for me always.
But one of the biggest things I want to share with you all this week is the power of testimony, we have a wonderful tool and that's one of them. Elder Holland said something along the lines of when you don't know what to say speak of christ and share your testimony. We've begun teaching people already here and I can say we get stuck often not knowing what to say but when we share our testimony the spirit does the rest I love you all so much! And christ loves us more, keep him in mind this Easter and remember the sacrifices he made for us. I encourage you to read chapter 7 in alma so you can remember or get to know christ just a little bit more!

Love sister stepper

1 my companions on the roof of one of the buildings
2 me and sister pulido ( a sister in my district) next to a porche
3 my companionship on the roof again
4 sister missionaries in my district
5 my district


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