September 24, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

Food Glorious Food

*I am late in sending her letter this week. 

Hey familia!

Before I forget! My new address is:

4520 Hargrove Rd

Raleigh, NC 27604


Okay so this week! It was a good one. We celebrated Sister Weaver's birthday last week! It was fun. We went with the Hermanas to Sephora and tried on fancy make up! We also ate at this cute French restaurant, Sister Weaver loves France so it was fitting. :) Tuesday we went with Sister Harrison to Dame's Chicken and Waffles! That was supposed to be my gift to her, but Sister Harrison wouldn't let me pay. haha :( But at least we got to go! Chicken and Waffles is the best thing that happened to me. We had a LONG week of walking this week, I found out I have a brake problem on my bike, and with so little time I don't want to fix it... haha So Weaver has been a champ and we've been going by foot! Honestly Raleigh doesn't have bike lanes anyway, and there are shattered glass bottles everywhere so it's probably safer that way anyways... haha Anyways after walking around 8 miles all day our dinner appt took us to 5 Guys. Never had a better burger. Also, I found my beloved Voodoo chips!!!! That was a highlight for sure. So I now realize that this entire paragraph has been about the food I ate. Sorry about it hahaha

We had a really neat experience this past Friday. Sister Allen in the ward called us that morning and asked if we had some time to go visit Sister Sanderson in the hospital, she had a migraine that ended her up there. Our first appointment was at 1pm so we had time to go. When we got there we visited for a while, and then I was just looking around the room, and noticed the board on the wall where they have the names of the doctor/nurse and all that info. The name of the nurse was Malonda, and it clicked in my brain that it was the same Malonda that I taught with Sister Higgins while serving in Cary. We didn't continue teaching her for long, which was a hard decision but we felt it was right at the time. Anyways, I kept quiet, then before we left I told Sister Sanderson to ask her nurse about the gospel and see what happens. We got a call that afternoon from Sister Sanderson and she told us that her and her husband talked to the nurse! Malonda was so excited and apparently talked very highly of us mjissionaries! (booyah) And she said she missed having the Sisters over. She was ready to have them come back and teach her family. That was the best phone call ever! It was just so crazy to me that Sister Allen asked us out of everyone in the ward to go with her to the hospital, and that Sister Sanderson was in Malonda's same part of the hospital, and just all the details. I think the Lord was in that situation. The best part is that it built the faith of all people involved, Malonda I'm sure, the Sandersons, Me and Weavers, and Sister Allen's. I think that experience really got the Sandersons excited about missionary work as well. It was awesome!

Funny story of the week. I was asked on the spot to give my "departing testimony" which is something special all departing missionaries do their last transfer during zone conference or zone training. I have been planning my departing testimony since I was a greenie, but for some reason I forgot about it and when they asked me I was unprepared. I gave just a simple testimony, but then I quoted the Snickers commercial where the lady does the tattoo that says "No Regerts" instead of "No regrets" and challenged all the missionaries to live with no regerts. So I wanted to be remembered in this mission, and I think I will be but not in the way I was hoping hahaha Everyone was joking about it afterwards so at least I got some laughs!!

I also want to give a shout out to Brother P this week. I call him Brother P because his name is like a paragraph long, it takes 126 letters for his first name only..... He is our Gospel Principles teacher. He's from Hawaii but grew up on the streets of New Orleans, he is a convert and was kicked out of his house because he joined the church. He lived with members and served a full time mission. He's so funny, so solid in the gospel, and so gangsta. He rapped one of the Psalms for us last week. I just really wish we had people like this in AZ, church is way fun in the South.

Welp, here goes another great week in the NCRM! It's the place to be! I love serving a mission here, best decision I ever made! Thanks for always supporting me and helping me do this. I love you all!!!

Sister Wilcock


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