September 12, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Weaver


Hey familia!

This week has been ROCK SOLID here in Raleigh 4.

We had some big miracles!! We found some great new investigators by visiting a list the ward council gave us. We were a little bummed we had such a LONG list of less actives to see and no solid investigators to teach, but we realized that the names we were given to visit were so inspired and we have some more families to teach. This area is getting better and better the more I am here. So much potential to find and teach it is crazy! We taught almost 10 times what we did last week. We were BUSY. We also had a car which made things so much easier hahaha.

I am trying to make this area a great place for Weaver to take over once I leave! She is a STELLAR missionary! So to be honest I have the dominant personality in the companionship, mostly because I talk a lot and I'm not afraid to be ridiculous. In fact a kid in the ward called us Phineas and Ferb because I talk so much. After that I was like "NOoooooo I can't be like this!!" haha so I decided I've got to have a missionary make over for this last transfer at least! Weaver is so posh and polite and quiet! So I have been working on keeping my mouth shut and letting her get to know members, because I really won't be here much longer and they need to really trust Sister Weaver and love her as much as I do!! So in car rides with members I'll sit in the back and I try my hardest not to ask too many questions and let Sister Weaver practice talking to members! haha She's not awkward she is just a chill person, good with silence. So on the way home from church (it's a 30 min drive) we were riding with a member and it was kind of an awkward car ride... But I promised myself (and Weaver) I wouldn't talk so she could take the lead! But it was really awkward for a while... hahaha Finally the member starts to tell us about her week to break the silence, and she told us about the Greek Festival! The more the member spoke she told us she remembered someone in the ward who was Greek, in fact they were Greek Orthodox and they converted to the church. You know this totally seems pointless to you all right now... but that conversation was an answer to a prayer! We had an investigator the previous night who asked us specifically if there was any members of our church who converted from Greek Orthodox to Mormonism and we were CLUELESS! Our Bishop is brand new to the ward too so he didn't know either. We prayed to know who to ask who might know, and the conversation we had in the car that day on the way home from church was just perfect. It was cool to see that sometimes the Lord uses awkward moments to answer prayers. We told the member that she answered our prayer and it was a testimony builder for her. Such a small but awesome experience. That's what I call a tender mercy!

Highlight of the week was being able to go to Melissa Kininga's baptism! I LOVE that family and Cary 2 ward. They are home for me. It was such a special reunion, and Miranda our other recent convert was at the baptism as well! Sister Higgins and her greenie made it too! I think the ward was excited to see us, and I was SO excited to see them.

Sister Dye and Sister Spring did a great job planning the program and getting everything together! I always get anxiety planning baptisms so it was nice to just attend one for once. haha It was really good. Towards the end, President Bodhaine (the stake president) asked his son Devin Bodhaine (our WML) to invite me to share my testimony on the spot! I was surprised, but I got up there and cried and shared a short and powerful testimony. The Spirit and my emotions hit me hard seeing the Kininga family all on the front row to support another member of their family enter the waters of baptism, and seeing the ward members that supported me through the busiest, happiest time of my mission. My heart was full of gratitude for my Heavenly Father allowing me to serve in this area at this time. It has changed my life forever. I promised the Kininga family I would be back when they prepare to enter the temple together. Sister Higgins and I were crying hard core, and then Brother Bodhaine invited her to share her testimony too. She is a power house, I tell ya! So glad I was able to serve with her in Cary. We were truly the dream team. All because of her though haha she's got a solid testimony of the gospel. Jen also brought us puff puffs (traditional African pastry) and it made my life even better. hahaha She is so thoughtful and knows the way to Higgins and I's heart is food. Love that woman.

I was also glad that Higgins and I's babies (our trainee's) got to see the joy that comes from baptizing a family. That is the one thing I prayed for at the beginning of my mission, and He answered my prayer, like He ALWAYS does. I told that to Sister Weaver and told here there's a family out here waiting for her to find them! She is excited to get to work and baptize. Love that girl. She's the best.

We got to eat some fried chicken and wonder bread this week. I also started My Plan officially. Putting my life goals and plans on paper is actually harder than I thought it'd be. The Mission President will interview me about it when we go home.... Most of my answers are not serious, for instance, I submitted in one answer about education that I want to go to BYU-Hawaidaho.... He's got Polynesian family, he'll understand. The Poly missionaries are begging Higgins and I to go to Hawaii. We'll see we'll see. haha

Hope ya know the Lord loves you! He is mindful of you! He wants to answer your prayers. Prayer is a powerful thing. It changes lives! Let it change yours.

<3 Sister Wilcock


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