August 24, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

Lose Yourself

Hey Family!

So this email is a mess and I recognize that, but so is my brain right now so it's fine. haha We had a great week, working hard, teaching lots, serving others, you know, doing what missionaries do.

Mom- Can't believe you went tracting with the Sisters! That rocks! Yep it's rough, but I'd imagine West Coasters are a little more hard on the doors than Southerners. We get a variety, but yes, still hard stuff! I admire you and the West Coast missionaries for sure! You are a champ for going out with them! I am reminded every day that this work was made for the weak and simple. Through small and simple things great things are brought to pass! Don't know how the Lord does it, working through us crazy kids, but it happens and it is amazing. Hope your first week back at school is great! Glad you are in institute. We've starting dropping in on the class on Wednesday nights (seems to be a great finding opportunity for us) and it makes me excited for the days when I can sign up and actually participate! They've got a good group of kids here. Oh, by the way, I would love to speak at the fireside thing in November. That sounds like a fun time!

Dad- Thanks for the pictures, can't believe how different everyone looks. So crazy. Was that Rizwan at the gym? Couldn't tell, fun stuff though. Still trying to consume as much protein as possible. ;) just kidding haha My comp lost 9 lbs this week, I think I gained those 9 she lost hahaha Chocolate milk is my weakness! My meal plan= Carrots and peas for every meal this week ;) I think I have some great stories for my homecoming talk. We've had a few in the YSA ward as well. I love hearing their stories. Mission stories are really the best, don't know why people get annoyed with them! That's all my talk is going to be. Thanks for the help! Where did the Lorsch's move to? Patty is home that's exciting! I saw Cassie got home too, and everyone else is just filing in. How fun. Transfers are next week, that is when the news will be official. Hoping I stay in this area with Weavah!! We'll see though.

Kennedy- Sorry I didn't message you back on FB! I feel like the worst! Still can't chat on there with people from home, but I saw it and smiled! Hope everything is going well, I still take a chain off every day. Today marks 50 days left. Also I have a few hilarious stories to tell you regarding the YSA. People just don't see the tag sometimes.... haha Okay I'll send you an email real quick I just gotta tell you these stories.....

Brayson- How's wrestling? I sent you a letter and it got sent back to me! What the! I'll try again, sorry it's taking forever. I have a feeling you'll be able to easily take me down when I get home. That stinks! You still reading PMG?? How's it going? had a paper airplane contest last week with an investigator and I totally won!!!! Thanks to you and your master skills. way to go. Love you bro!

Highlights of this week:

Got permission to go to Cody's baptism in Wilmington next week! He asked us to participate in the program. What a good kid, can't wait to be back in the place I was born!

Miranda is finding SO many names to take to the temple soon! We are so excited for her! She is just the most solid recent convert. I am really proud of her! She was asked to work last Sunday and denied it, even though it was really hard for her to do because she is in a very tight spot with money currently. She is a really good example of faith and trusting that if she does the right things Heavenly Father will take care of her. She just amazes me!

We set a date to get baptized with Melissa Kininga! Sept. 10th is what we are shooting for! She is so great, we are excited to have her be an official member, she is already so active in the ward, people think she's baptized already (there's so many Kiningas it's hard to keep track haha)

We also taught the Kiningas how to make home made mac n cheese for service. They are really wanting to learn American things. Also got to meet some of their friends while we were there, their house is a party house, people are always dropping in! Jen went out of town and asked to take a Book of Mormon to share with her brother! She's my favorite. What a cool lady.

Our zone is getting better! It's been on the struggle bus lately, we've had to do multiple exchanges and have special meetings way more than I wanted to but I've learned a lot from serving these special missionaries! I love them all! They are great examples and they'll make it through. Our poor Zone Leaders are sacrificing a lot to make sure other areas are still thriving, but I know they are seeing blessings from it too. I keep singing Lose Yourself by Eminem this week. #ThemeSong Okay so I haven't heard it in nearly 17 months so I don't remember all the words but it's okay. Maybe I should have a hymn stuck in my head, probably a better idea. Wow amazing the things the Spirit will teach us if we listen hahaha

Okay this is a lame email but I hope y'all are doing stellar!! Love y'all tons!!!

50 DAYZ!!!

-Sister Wilcock


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