August 15, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

Do it like a boss!

Hey family!

Nice to see all y'all are doing well! Loved the pictures, you are my favorite family ever. Just saying.

This week was pretty good!

Sister Dye got sick again (sad day) so we were cooped up for a couple days. I read my scriptures a lot... and watched every Mormon movie we own (Testaments, Meet the Mormons, Restoration, you know, the works) while she was in "the cave" recovering. Those days are rough as a missionary.... haha but she is pretty much better and we can get out and work hard now!

One plus side to her being sick was that we were out knocking doors in the Beaver Creek ward (helping some Elders out with a blitz) and she was too sick to keep going in the heat, so we went back to the Stake Center to wait for everyone to finish. When we got there we got a text from a random number saying for me to get myself into the cultural hall right quick! I was confused because there was a Spanish wedding reception going on ( a recent convert family just got sealed!) and I was like "what the, why would I need to go there..." But I found out Hermana Swalberg, and Hermana Thompson and Elder Chandler were there visiting from Utah!!!!!! Swalberg was my companion when Weaver went home, we had so many fun adventures together! Elder Chandler was the AP here for a while, and Thompson was in my zone in Fayetteville. Lots of memories. But they were there and totally surprised me! It was the best ever. Great way to end the week. Maybe it made me a little trunky, they all told me how awesome it is to be home, but I'm trying to snap out of it... hahaha

We had a Mission President's fireside last night with President and Sister James in the home of the Green Level ward bishop. It was for all of our recent converts, progressing less actives, and investigators! All the missionaries got to share who they were, how long they've been out, and why they decided to serve missions. Then the rest of the people all got a chance to share how they met the missionaries, why they got baptized, and their testimonies. It was long because we had a TON of people there, but it was really good. My favorite part was hearing the testimonies of people around the world. The Asian missionaries had a lot of people in attendance, and so did the Spanish missionaries. We English speaking missionaries had a lot of Southerners. haha It was so cool hearing them all speak with their heavy accents (all around) of how they came to know the gospel is true. Some of the Chinese recent converts cannot tell their families because of how strict the government is, it is super dangerous. But they have burning testimonies of the restored gospel. The Hispanic recent converts are so sweet. Many of them shared how they met missionaries in their own countries, like Columbia, or Peru, or Guatemala, but they always denied them. They would shut the doors in their faces and run away from them on the streets! It was really funny when they were telling the stories. But they said they still remember those missionaries and the way they dressed, and the way they acted, and how mature they were, and of course the Spirit they felt around them. That made them a little more ready to accept the gospel down the road. And now families are being baptized and going to the temple and so many miracles are happening. I love this gospel so much, it changes so many lives.

Miranda got her temple recommend this week! Woo hoo! She's going to do baptism at the Raleigh temple on August 25th. We are so excited!

Cody messaged us and said he is planning his baptism for the 27th of August!! We are getting ready to road trip to Wilmington, all we need is the OK from President. I think I am one of his faves so we should get it.... hahaha just kidding. Cross your fingers y'all!

We met with Pedro, Haley's friend (YSA) and taught 2 lessons this week, and he came to all 3 hours of church! Sad thing is he also moves away this week.... haha Story of my life! ;) I hope he continues to meet with the missionaries in Charlotte! I think he will!

We had dinner with the Reading family again. They have us over every once in a while! I have fallen in love with their crazy sweet family, they have 5 kids, 4 young-ish boys and one 3 yr old girl. It's like having a ton of little brothers around, they crack me up. It seems that we always go to their house when we are having a rough day, but I ALWAYS leave feeling so much better. I am super grateful for members and letting us into their homes. What good examples they are to us!

Our zone is on the struggle bus this transfer, lots of rough times (especially with the Sister Comps we are over) so we are going on exchanges 3 times per week until the end of the transfer. They are a little exhausting, but I get to practice being a counselor haha, mostly trying to be a good friend. It's a skill I gotta work on, just stinks that I even have to ya know? These Sisters are so obedient and strong and I just really look up to them, but something's in the water this transfer that's making it rough! haha They'll get through though. One good thing about being "trunky" is that my problems seem a little more irrelevant because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! hahaha So I focus better on others and really get to forget about myself. It feels good. It's not easy, but it's better than worrying about my own problems! Serving other people really does make me happy, even if it's just the other missionaries around me.

Sorry this letter isn't as spiritual, it's been a crazy week. We are pushing through though!!

Over all the work in this area is so good, I love being a missionary so much! Hardest thing I ever loved to do!

Keep you head up, and be proud of who you are as a Child of God!!!

-Sister Wilcock


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