August 1, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

Cary 2 and RYSA!!

Thanks for all the emails and pictures! Love y'all so much!

Highlights of the week:

Miranda is getting baptized this Saturday! We are so excited. Sister Higgins will get to come back for the baptism as well, so I am excited to see her. <3

We get to go to Adventure Landings today as a zone! Best place ever. Laser tag and mini golf, missionaries could do that for days.

Cody (from last week's email) is the most elect investigator I have ever taught in my life. It's crazy. During our lesson I thought it was a joke the entire time, because it was just too good to be true. Everything made sense to him. I invited him to be baptized and he was like "Pff, yeah of course, I was already going to ask you about that!" .....Who even says that on the first lesson. I don't know. But Sister Dye and I couldn't handle it, it was amazing. Josh was also grinning from ear to ear, so excited about his friend's testimony. Cody had been looking for a Christian church just like Christ's, with Prophets and Apostles, and he wanted to know more about the kingdoms of glory Paul talks about, and the premortal life, and just everything. Looks like he asked the right people, because we know all about that stuff. ;) It was amazing!!!!!!! Such a miracle.

We had interviews with President and Sister James! I love them. So much. Received some good possible news about my last transfer in the mission. Nothing is decided yet, but I will disclose the info as soon as it is confirmed! ;)

We found a new investigator through a member this week! The crazy part is, she is completely deaf. So we had to communicate through writing, or Sister Wilcock's version of ASL (aka charades). It was fun, also a very stressful situation. Anna (the deaf older lady) had 1 day to move out of her apartment and find a new place to live/store her things before she was kicked out (due to horrible management and no family or church support.) A former member of Cary 2 called us and asked us to go over and help. Well it was a tricky situation for missionaries to help with. We are great manual laborers, but when it comes to money and finding housing and all that jazz we kind of fail/have no resources (we don't even have google for Pete's sake!) So we called the ward. Nobody really knew what to do, but the Wisers (my favorite couple in the ward) took care of it like no big deal. They rented out a storage unit for her things, found trailers and people to help move, the whole shabang. We were SO grateful. Anna was so grateful for their examples of service she asked if she could start coming to our church. We obviously said of course, and found a translator for her. What a neat experience. So many people showed up on a Saturday afternoon to help someone move who they didn't even know, and could hardly communicate with. I was very touched by the sweet examples of the Cary 2nd ward members. What stellar people we have around us.

Olympic games are still happening. Sister Dye and I think we have taken the lead the in the Scripture Mastery memorization competition. Anything for competition right? Right. I memorized 20 scriptures this week and passed them off to my district leader! Our mission president has given us 187 scripture passages to memorize, so I still have a LONG way to go, might not even finish before I end my mission, but I am trying, and will continue when I get home. It is a powerful thing to know the scriptures well. Hopefully our zone is just as excited as we are to do this, or else the competition might be boring. hahaha

Looking forward to next week! It will be very busy. We are going on multiple exchanges every week with our Sister companionships (some are struggling). Preparing for a baptism and all the meeting we have will make the weeks fly by. I am so tired. waking up early make me feel great though. Never thought I'd be a missionary who wakes up at 5:30 to work out, but here I am. #procrastination #gettingfit #lovefoodtoomuch #justbalancingthefoodintake

Hope y'all have a great week, remember who you are and what you stand for!

If you want a good talk to listen to, President Monson from Priesthood session of April 2006 is what I listened to this morning as I got ready. It is a really great one about the priesthood. Made me think of Brayson and his friends, and all the priesthood holders around me. Thanks for your examples. Grateful to have God's power on the earth today.

Love you lots!

-Sister Wilcock


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