July 18, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

The T word.....

Hi family!

Thanks for the great emails! Ken and Brayson I died laughing at your videos!!! Hilarious. Always need a good laugh :)

Grandma- thanks for the shoes! I'm sure that was due to my facebook post the other day ;) So you know I needed something that wouldn't let the rain leak in... hehe Thanks for sending me some awesome shoes!

Penny and Chuck- thanks for the $, I was able to buy a new bag with some of it, and it has made my life so much better!

I appreciate all y'all do for me, I love you so much! Sorry I do not get around to writing letters much anymore, I try but time on Monday is a rare thing these days.... :( I will try to be better!

To answer some questions:

Transfers are every six weeks. We just received transfer news yesterday. President has asked Sister Higgins to go to Zebulon to train a new missionary! It is going to be a big job for her, going to a brand new area and training a greenie. She will do a good job though. Zebulon is the boonies, lots of crazy people but missionaries who serve there love it. I am soooooo sad she is leaving, we had the best time together. The good thing is we have a few more baptisms lined up, and since Sister Higgins was key in teaching these people she will be able to visit for their baptisms! We also get to party in the Mission Home in a few short months, so we are looking forward to that!

I will be getting Sister Dye. She is currently in South Boston VA and kicking butt!! Rumor has it they teach over 30 investigator lessons a week and use like a 1/3 of the missions miles, but President doesn't stop them because they are rocking it. (Okay I probably exaggerated, but I am PUMPED to get her in Cary 2/RYSA.)

This week was great, we are continuing to find and teach.

Everyone is sad that Sister Higgins is leaving, she received many sincere thanks from ward and stake leaders. The last 2 years Cary 2 has fallen short on many missionary goals. I would not say for a lack of trying, but some definite hardships. In the few short months Higgins and I have been companions we have seen many miracles happening here and have been able to be a part of the "harvest". Thanks to these wonderful members and their faith we have seen many lives change. Not just new converts and reactivations, but the faith of our active members to bring their friends and neighbors unto Christ has increased in this short amount of time. Our stake president has asked to join us in lessons, and ward members are always telling us they are looking for people to share the gospel with. I have never felt so great about missionary work as I do here!!!!

Love y'all, sorry we don't have much time to share stories and things. We are racing today. To pack and move and say goodbye is a struggle!!!!

Have a great week! I love you! I love the gospel!

-Sister Wilcock


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