July 5, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Higgins

Naimpenda familia yangu

Like my Swahili? I've been practicing! That means "I love my family". Maybe I can bear my testimony in Swahili when I get back, who knows.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

It was a good week. 21.... Officially an adult. Mom and Dad how does it feel? 😉

Thank you for all of the lovely presents! I got pampered, and Sister Higgins loved them too! We feel like beauty queens. It takes a lot for a frumpy sister missionary to say that hahaha Love you and thanks for spoiling us this week!

I just want to share a few experiences from this week.

On Thursday we were having a slow day, it's been a little rainy and gloomy around here, which stinks as a missionary because all anyone wants to do (including us) is curl up on a couch and watch a cute movie. (We have neither couch nor movie so it's less of a temptation for us.... haha) A lot of our investigators were gone, and tracting in the rainy night didn't sound like a very effective plan, so we prayed about what we needed to do. We got the impression to go heart attack Sister Conway's door. (Sister Conway is a less active, and her daughter (23 yrs old) is taking the lessons). We wrote quotes and funny sayings on a bunch of sticky notes, "sneviously" (As B dog would say) drove up to their house, and snuck over to their front door to heart attack the place. Well let me just tell you we were the ones to get the heart-attack. Sister Conway was watching us from her car (like 5 feet away) and we had no idea. She got out and said "YOU'RE BUSTED!!" And we might as well have been fainting goats. hahaha After a minute of laughs and joking around, Sister Conway told us she had just come home from a good friends funeral. She looked exhausted and sad. She told us that we came at the most perfect time. She was just on the phone with her mom, and was talking about life and the loss of loved ones. She started to cry and told us how much she appreciates us coming to teach her and her daughter. She wants more than anything to be back with her family and friends again, and she testified to us that she knows the gospel will help her get there. Sister Higgins and I did not need to say much, just confirm that what she said was true. She was so grateful for the Savior. Our hearts were so full. The Conways will get there one day. 😊

On Sunday Nathan Anderson in the YSA bore his testimony about an experience he had with a good friend. He mentioned how she called him that week in tears and he could hear the fear in her voice. She told him that she had just received a phone call, and that her father had just passed away from a heart attack. Her mother died a few years ago to cancer, and she is now left alone. Nathan, through his tears, told us about how even though it seemed as if there was nothing he could say to make things better, he testified to his friend about the Plan of Salvation, and that she would see her family again. He said that immediately she calmed down, and became peaceful. Sister Higgins and I looked at each other during his testimony and knew right away who this friend was. It is our investigator Miranda, who is preparing for baptism. Our hearts broke when we confirmed with Nathan that it was her. This poor girl has gone through so much. We were pretty devastated. We don't know how things are going to work in the next few weeks, and we don't know what to say to make things better. But we do know that the gospel brings peace, and that Miranda has felt it before. If you could remember sweet Miranda in your prayers, that would mean the world to us. Sad things happen in life, and it is hard to imagine it all sometimes, but the Savior knows it personally and has overcome the world. He can carry us through. He will carry Miranda through.

Lots of sad things, sorry about it all. Sometimes these are what make the good times better though.

On a high note, we have 2 baptisms on Thursday! Both are fragile, as in we are walking on egg shells making sure everything goes smoothly.... It will be an interesting week. Prayers needed in that department too. k thanks. ;) The Kiningas are good as always. Jen's English is improving, and she told us this week that she has adopted us into her family. We are there so often it does feel like home now! Chris and Melissa are progressing in the gospel. President Bodhaine told us this week that he wants to come to a lesson with them. He really liked the Kiningas. #score We are getting all sorts of brownie points in Cary 2 ward. 3 people came up to us this morning and gave some of the most sincere compliments. They said it is nice to have missionaries who get along so well, compliment each other, and work effectively in an area. They also made sure to tell us missionary work "isn't always like this" so don't get too used to it... If they only knew where we've been before. hahaha We know that statement is true on a personal level LOL. It really has been a blessing to serve here, I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me serve here. I cannot thank Him enough.

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!! It is hard sometimes, well, if you do it right it's hard ALL the time if you know what I mean, but it's worth it. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Stay happy and bright! Love you all! Happy 4th of July!! #Freedom

-Sister Wilcock


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