May 30, 2016


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Sister Higgins

Welcome to the Splash Zone

Hi family!

So Sister Higgins and I decided to tag team emailing today. She wrote about our investigators, I am writing the funny stories. Enjoy!

Funny Story #1-

On exchanges with Greenlevel Asian Sisters. I went to their area! We were teaching a lesson to their investigator who is getting baptized next week. We were re-teaching the Plan of Happiness! I started off by asking a question like "From what you've learned from the missionaries and your personal study, where were you before you came to earth?"

This sweet lady said "Well.... I have lived many lives before I got to where I am today. My soul has seen many eras. Some of them I even remember. Like King Henry the VIII. I was definitely there when he was the King. That's where I was before I got here."

You can imagine my face during this response.....In my brain I was thinking "What the... Sisters who the heck are you teaching here?! She's a couple french fries short of a happy meal.... Might want to rethink that baptismal date...." hahaha

But then she was like "Juuusssstttt kidding!" IT WAS THE BEST PRANK EVER PULLED ON SISTER WILCOCK. I am usually the prankster around here, but not this time folks!!!!

Funny Story #2-

We walked 12 miles on Saturday, and while we were walking home at the end of the day we see this guy staring at us from one of the apartments on the 2nd floor of this complex. He waves and I waved back to be nice, then BAM he pops out the screen from his window and starts yelling and telling us to come over! ( He was a drunk Hispanic) I am too nice and stupid to just walk away and completely ignore him so I'm like "No, sorry dude! Have a good night!" Sister Higgins is like "SHUT UP AND RUN ya dumb!!!!!!!!" So we booked it home! I carried a stick the rest of the way. Looked like a cave man with a club. Whatever. If I can do 12 miles in a skirt and flats I can probably do a marathon, just saying.... ;) Don't worry, Cary NC is like the safest place I have been in NC, don't be worried about my safety!! hahaha

Funny Story #3- One time I used the word "haboob" while explaining Arizona weather to Danielle and Ethan (investigator and husband) and EVERYBODY FLIPPED OUT obviously it is not a normal thing to say..... Nobody has ever seen a dust storm around here! They all thought I was talking about Hidalgo. Basically kids, basically.

Prayers for Ethan and Danielle (she gets baptized this Sunday) and for the Kiningas!!!!!!! They are the following Sunday!

Love you so much!!!!!! I hope you have a stellar week.

<3 Sister Wilcock

Sister Higgins letter:

I guess the main thing is that we are getting Danielle ready for her baptism :) We have been trying to meet with her or talk to her everyday, and check up to see how her husband is doing with his smoking. We have been praying for him like crazy, and last Friday he made it his day to not smoke at all. Unfortunately, he did smoke 4 cigarettes, BUT compared to his 20 he usually does in a day, that's huge! He said he could really feel everyone praying for him, which was weird but cool for him. I told him he's going to be feeling that for a while because these prayers aint stopping until he stops :) yep. Danielle's mom is flying in from Brazil this week, so we'll get to meet her, and she's excited about that. She was interviewed yesterday and passed! No surprise for us, she's practically Mormon :) We're super excited, especially Sister Wilcock since this will be her first convert baptism that she has actually been able to attend haha!

Kininga family is doing great too! Deborah, the 15 year old, got her appendix taken out last Sunday, so we had 2 of the YSA guys come the next day and give her a blessing. It was great, and we talked about the priesthood. :) Then on Saturday we went over and retaught the Restoration and I asked them how they knew it was true. Mimi explained that she had prayed to God the Sunday they were leaving Connecticut that they would find the true church, and that she wouldn't miss a day. Later that week on Saturday, a member of our ward offered them a ride while they were walking home with their groceries and asked them if they'd like to come to church with them. She told us she KNEW God answered her prayers, and that this is the church she needs to be baptized in. :) Her mom, Jen, told us everything we have taught is what is taught in the Bible, and that she knows the Book of Mormon is true (which is pretty great because we have been struggling to get the family to read that book for such a long time hahaha, but whatever okay). After the lesson, they asked us if we'd like to stay for dinner--- so of course we did! We tried fufu and cooked kale and African eggs. Soooo good :) I love trying new foods :) :)

The Conways are another family we are working with! Sister Conway is a 40 something year old less active that hasn't been to church for a super long time, and she has a daughter named Kayla (haha) who isn't a member and is 24. One time when I was on exchanges, the sisters were able to get in to their house (HUGE MIRACLE SINCE S. CONWAY SAID SHE NEVER DID THAT BEFORE) and S.Wilcock and I have been teaching her and Kayla ever since! Sister Conway is learning and explaining things to her daughter, and they are both learning together. Kayla really likes it, and it's been great for us. We just follow up on what they learn and answer questions. They LOVE having us over and really trust us :)

Eric Glass is a less active 30 year old dude who hasn't been to church in forever as well. The sisters found him again while I was gone on exchanges, and, again, Sister Wilcock and I have been teaching him. Haha he's this super interesting guy who is just confused on his own thought. He was baptized when he was 8, but pretty much has forgotten most of the doctrine of the church, so we're helping him learn again and pull out wrong doctrine from right. He smokes, but last week he told us he doesn't want to anymore and that he'd like to go to the temple someday. We told him we'd help, the bishop will help, and ultimately God will help him get there :) Before we had been teaching him, the elders had taught him FOREVER and nothing happened. This Sunday, I'm happy to announce that he finally came to church, and loved it :) Sometimes, the Lord sends sisters to help :) This was a huge miracle haha :)

Okay that's all I got for today. I hope this made up for last week ;) I'm loving the mission. I get reminded quite frequently how long I have left, and it blows me away every time. Just goes to show the last scene of the play is wrapping up soon, so the best of the show is going to start! :) Can't wait!!!! Keep praying and wish us both luck!!! :) :) :) We find out transfer news this weekend, and we're praying we stay together one more transfer :)

Love you Mom! Thanks for all you do and for putting up with my crappy emails sometimes haha. I told you at the beginning of the mission I'd be terrible, but I promise that I really have tried! Today was just a good day :) Glad I got to write more than usual.

I know this church is true. Every point of doctrine I have either had questions about or have are always getting answered through the scriptures, conference talks, or prayer. I KNOW this is Christ true church on the earth. This is it. This is the one. Don't ever seriously doubt that because that just leads to dangerous roads. Have faith, trust God, and believe Christ. Be good, do good, feel good. Christ church is just a way for us to have patterns of goodness in our lives. It prepares us for the greatness of what we will become, but only if we want it :)

♥/Sista Higgins

Have a great week!


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