April 18, 2016


Pittsboro North Carolina


Sister Johns

Week 6 in Pittsboro

Hola familia!

Good to hear from y'all! You are probably still sleeping, I know. We woke up early because our District is going to Raleigh for an activity for P-DAY! So fun. Sorry I'll miss you though!

We had a fantastic week!

We were able to have zone conference in Durham. It is beautiful there. We learned a lot, ate some good food, and then President gave us permission to go to Duke Gardens!! It was awesome. So beautiful. I'll send some pictures. We even got to tour the Duke Campus. It looks like a castle! I can't even imagine going to school there. It is such a neat place. I am so in love in North Carolina.

Friday we went to the temple!!!! It was amazing! I just always feel so at home in the temple. It is such a comforting place. So much peace. I just felt everything get lifted off my shoulders and this week I have been in such a good mood. Temples are the best. You Arizona people are lucky to have some big beautiful ones so close!

Thursday night I went on an exchange with the Cary Hermanas. They are so cute! I love them. I also love being in the Spanish area. It is so fun, I learn so much! I also got to spend time with our Asian Sisters! There are a ton of Asians in the "Northern Kingdom" they have a lot of success. It is really neat to see all these different cultures learning the gospel together.

This Saturday we were called by our Bishop asking if we could help the ward with a service project they had signed up for. We went to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity! I learned how to put in flooring. Not even kidding mom, I really did it. We had to teach the men in our ward how it's done! And the people in charge of building the houses were actually girls too. It was so cool. As Penny would say "A woman can do anything" ;) We had a blast working along side our members and getting to know others on the crew. We had some great missionary moments. Sister Johns and I might even go back, there are some potential investigators, and I just love not wearing a skirt for a couple hours, lets be honest.

We are continuing to find more new investigators! This Sunday we realized we hadn't found as many as we had hoped for. So we said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to direct us to where we needed to be. I followed a prompting to go to visit some potentials in the area. Right as I was about to turn into their neighborhood a name popped into my head! Mr. Brice! I have never met him, but we went to his house my first week in Pittsboro. Sisters met him last September, so I have no idea how I remembered to go there. I quickly turned the car and we went to the other side of the street to see if he was home. He was, we taught the Restoration, and he became a new investigator. Miracles follow obedience to promptings!

Margie our investigator is still progressing. She is so ready to be baptized. Never have I met anyone so ready to repent. Every lesson she asks if we can teach her more about repentance. I love that the Saviors first message during his ministry was repentance. If we have faith in Him, we know we can be clean again. We know all things are possible through Christ. We have to prepare our minds and bodies to be instruments in His hands and that happens as we repent.

I love this gospel so much!

I love you so much!

Stay classy!


P.S. Mom and Dad.... How do I vote from out here in NC?! I can't miss another election..... :)

P.S.S. You can send any mail to 5060 Six Forks Rd in Raleigh NC (I don't know the zip code so many you can google it) Thanks!!!!!


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