April 11, 2016


Pittsboro North Carolina


Sister Johns

Priesthood+Protein+President James+Police+Phones+Prayers=Protected

*Brace yourselves for this one! It was a wild week in Pittsboro!

Hey y'all! Thanks for the letters.


Starting with the highlights.

We had an 8 hour training from the missionary department in SLC for the Leadership in the mission! Brother Hemmingway and Brother Miller came and instructed us. It was SO good. We learned so much. We are trying to transition from a "finding" mission to a "baptizing" mission. They said our ability to find is amazing in this mission. They want to help us carry that further. One way we are going to do that is working with our members! I think we were headed down the right path, but they really helped us understand what to do and how to do it. I am so grateful I was able to go.

We found 8 new investigators this week!

So here's for the crazy stories. A week or two ago I thought we should go meet some of our neighbors we had seen out before. We went and talked to one couple and gave them an Easter card. The man (Marvin) became a new investigator. ( the girlfriend didn't seem terribly interested) While leaving his house we met his next door neighbor, who was trying to catch her little rambunctious puppy. She is an older lady so we caught her puppy and began talking to her. We helped her move some things around in her home and asked her about herself. Then we told her what we do and she thought it was really neat. We shared the Book of Mormon with her and asked if she would read it. She agreed, but later when we went to leave she stopped us and said that she only had a 4th grade education and that she knew she wouldn't understand our book, but wanted to know if we could come and read it to her. We agreed and she became a new investigator. We taught her 3 lessons that week, and went back on Wednesday. Her neighbor (Marvin's girlfriend) was sitting outside and we invited her in to our lesson with Margie. She said "You know what, I need to talk to you girls today, I've been having a bad day and I think you can help me". We taught the Plan of Happiness, and both Margie and Rita agreed to be baptized! It was the best lesson I've had in Pittsboro so far. During that lesson Marvin barged in and told us why he believes "we are of the devil- because Jesus is most definitely a black person." We just ignored him and went on with the lesson.

Fast forward, we are on our way home from the big meeting on Thursday with the Siler City Elders. In the middle of the road by our complex we see Marvin, drunk as ever, with his bike and a beer bottle just standing there. We stop, and ask if he is okay. Elder Niko gets out of the car and asks if he needs help with his bike or if we need to call someone for him. He then starts swearing like no other and raises his beer bottle to smash it into Elder Niko's head!! Elder Niko is Polynesian. He is so cool. He just stood there all tough and didn't even flinch. Still just smiling. Elder Shearer his companion hops out of the car and tries to calm Marvin down. That's when the REAL crazy happens! He  threatened to kill us and everyone and did all this crazy stuff and the Elders tried to teach him the gospel, my companion is bawling her eyes out in the back seat and I am calling the cops. Finally we calm Marvin down and drive away, the Elders didn't take us home (thank goodness). We told the Police about our crazy neighbor and how he wants to kill us and they send someone out to find him. While we are at the church we get a call from Margie our investigator! She was terrified, Marvin had broken into her home and just did some crazy things. (Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hid yo know what I mean.) We went over with the Elders to help her calm down. When we arrived she was watching Together Forever to "feel the Spirit". We laughed and joked and said a prayer with her to help her calm down. Called the police again to notify them about Margie's situation and they told us that they were unable to find Marvin!! We were totally freaked out when they said that. So we called President James and he told us to stay at our RS President's home. The Davidsons are awesome and we headed over there as soon as we could. We then got a call from the cops that we needed to go to the station and file a report. We were there until about midnight. It was the longest night of my mission (despite the adrenaline rush.) The next morning we are driving to Siler City for some appointments and guess who we see riding his bike down the side of the road.... Our home boy Marvin! I flip the car around and follow Marvins tail, not letting him our of our sight. Sister J is crying again and I told her to call the cops before I did their job for them!! haha We saw the cops arrest him and that's how the story goes.

I won't tell you the rest of the details but it was a crazy week. We were held semi hostage by another investigator (trying to protect us, but she was drunk and it was scary) and the Elders have to go to court, etc etc.

Thank goodness President James is an attorney, Our Elders have the priesthood and eat protein, missionaries have phones, and we can say prayers!! We were definitely protected this week!

Best part about it is we have 2 people ready to be baptized, and we found 8 new investigators this week!

Oh, and WE ARE MOVING!!!! Yay. Tender mercy right there, our apartment was falling apart.... haha

Don't worry Mom and Dad, we are safe! We have to call our ZLs and DLs every night and they stay on the phone with us until we lock the doors in the apartment and we are looking at 3 potential apartments today!

Also, Sister Johns is a black belt, she'll take care of business ;)

Okay got to go. Love you tons! I have MORE stories to tell but I guess they will have to wait!

<3 Sister Wilcock


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