March 28, 2016


Pittsboro North Carolina


Sister Johns

Moo Comes to Church

Hello family! Thanks for the great updates. Hope you Easter was amazing. Dad and B- looks like you had a successful egg hunt! Don't worry Mom, I have been telling everyone about our "Christ-centered Easter" celebrations and the oil lamps and yummy food. People think we are JW and ask if we celebrate Easter and I'm always like "if you only knew....." haha Sounds like you are so busy with school! Oh my goodness! Keep it up you are doing great. Have you already told me your major? People ask and I always say English but I think I'm just making that up... haha Anyways, our Easter was great, we ate so much food. I am going to look like the fluffy Easter bunny when I get home hahaha

This week was good! Sister Johns and I are continuing to focus on finding more people to teach! We knock doors and ask everyone we know for a referral. We are desperate! ;) We just love teaching and want to do it all the time!!

We were successful in our searches and found some great people to share our message with. We had a busy week with lots of driving as well. Not my favorite part of missionary work, but it's necessary. Wednesday I went on an exchange with the Cary Hermanas. They are wonderful missionaries. Hermana Garside came to Pittsboro with me! She is brand new to NC, and excited to get out and work. Hermana Murphy is her trainer and is a hard working missionary as well. I love them both!

Friday I had a meeting in Raleigh, so Sister Johns and I had to leave at 6:30 am, I picked up Sister Higgins and left Sister Johns in Cary with the other Sisters, and we met the Zone Leaders in Cary, then headed to Raleigh for our meeting. It was from 8-4pm. Long day, but I learned SO MUCH! I am so excited to use everything I learned in this upcoming transfer. We are really focusing on helping members be better missionaries. There was an initiative we started while I was in Hope Mills that we were using to help members introduce us to their friends. Sister Weaver and I presented the initiative to our stake president and his family for a lesson one night. It was so funny because President Lockhart made it clear he didn't think it was a good idea! We talked about it for a while and he decided he was going to talk to President James. (Man, it was rough trying to be "obedient" to our Mission President when the Stake President wasn't all game! I love both of them so much, they are so cool. We were just in limbo for a little bit.) Well, a few months later at this MLC President James told us about the Fayetteville Stake President and his thoughts on our efforts to help members be better missionaries. We are now incorporating a new initiative (really just some ways to improve the old one) and I am so excited about it! The book "Power of an Every Day Missionary" is the guidline we will be using. President Lockhart has really helped our efforts in member missionary work. I want to be like him one day! What a powerful missionary. If you have not read that book, my challenge to you is to read it!

You are probably waiting to hear what happened with Mr. Moo. So on Saturday night we had the idea to text everyone in our phone contacts to invite them to the Easter Program on Sunday at church. Mr. Moo responded that night and asked for the address. We were hopeful but also skeptical that he would actually come! Well, Sister Johns and I were waiting by the doors greeting people and guess who walks in with his wife... Anderw Moo! Him and his wife loved it. We called them Sunday night and he said he was the happiest at our church when he walked in. We have ordered Burmese materials to begin teaching their family! We are excited. He will be back next Sunday and said we could come teach him. Who knows what will happen, but it was a fun surprise for us!

We had a fun week. Sorry I can't share everything with you!!!

I am so grateful for this Easter season. I am so happy that we can celebrate our risen Savior. He lives. He loves us. Because He lives we can live again too. We can be with our family and friends. We can be with God again. I love this gospel. I love the Atonement. I am grateful to share it with others.

<3 Sister Wilcock

Here is a link to some Easter videos! #Hallelujah (P.S. Bishop Shields wife from HM 2nd ward is in the virtual choir video!!)">


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