January 19, 2016


Hope Mills


Sister Weaver

Hello from Hope Mills!

Hey family!

Sorry for not emailing yesterday, because of the holiday the libraries were closed, so we get to email today! Thanks for the awesome letters! Mom, I got your video, and I loved it!!! So awesome. Sister Robinson shared our video from Fayetteville zone on the NCRM page, it's Jan 12th 2016. :) Dad- loved your pics of the temple, I am excited to see the visitors center! Glad Stake conferences was a success! Booyah! Ours was not so well attended, we had a broadcast from SLC but it was still good. Had investigators there, that made it even better! Good luck with everything this week. I just mailed some letters and pics for y'all, should get there soon. :) Sister Weaver and I are good on things I think, I am trying to downsize since transfers are coming up and I might be leaving... haha Thank you!

It was a crazy week.

First amazing story! Sister Bauer (my 2nd companion) came to visit the mission and came to zone conference to have lunch with me!! President asked her to share her testimony and in her testimony she talked about a convert she taught going to the temple, and someone she taught in her last area (Wilmington) getting baptized. From the story she told it didn't sound like Nefertari or Stephanie (the two I taught who were baptized recently) so right after we ended I RAN up to Sister Bauer and said "WHO GOT BAPTIZED?! Was it Lindsay?!" And she got a little teary eyed and said yes, it was Lindsay. I just kind of collapsed and cried. My heart was so full of gratitude and relief and joy and excitement and all those good things. (If you don't remember, Lindsay was someone I taught the entire time I was in Wilmington. We had ups and downs, but I always knew Lindsay would be a member of the church. Never a doubt in my mind [despite the little "break-up" talks and setbacks]. The last I heard about her was that her life was a whirlwind, she had lots pulling her down. In fact when I stopped by to say my goodbyes before transfers her mom was there from Cary, NC and told us she was grateful we were there to support Lindsay because she couldn't do it alone. Lindsay moved back to Cary to get a fresh start and it was there she was baptized and her mom is now learning more as well.) Seeing Lindsay in white and smiling so big with two missionaries by her side was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. She looked like a different person. I know she is now. The gospel is so true, it changes lives!!! Literally!!! Let it change yours.

The end of the week was not so exciting, but we did learn some great lessons. We were visiting with Sister Matthis and it was one of those lessons that pulls at the heart strings. Because of her illnesses and pain she has often wondered what her purpose is here and why she is still alive. As she told Sister Weaver and I through tears of the pain she feels and the heartache that comes with it we couldn't respond because both of us were crying. Neither of us knew what to say. We expressed our Heavenly Fathers love for her. She then said "Sisters, I do not feel well...." and asked us to stay while she checked her blood sugar (she has diabetes.) We could tell something was wrong, and we soon found out her blood sugar levels were at nearly 600. I don't know much about diabetes but I know that is bad! She could not speak, or walk, and because of her Parkinson's disease her muscles froze, and had tremors all at the same time. Sister Weaver and I became paramedics that day and gave her shots and called for help. We helped to stabilize her and soon enough her home teachers were there to give her a blessing. Boy am I grateful for those summers in Show Low when I was able to help with Papa Mel and give him his shots. Not a fun thing to do, but all those memories came back and I just knew what needed to be done. It was the Spirit "bringing all things to our remembrance", I just know it. Amidst all of this we received a phone call that a member we were working with suddenly passed away. We had just seen this sweet sister a few days previous and she had expressed to us that she was so excited to have us come teach her family. We were devastated that night. After everything had calmed down, we went out to the car, said a little prayer, got some Taco Bell (because we had to cancel our dinner appt) and went tracting for the rest of the night. It was cold and dark and lonely. People were rude and we didn't have much success. Why am I sharing this with you? To make you feel sad? No. I want you to know that no matter what happens in life, no matter how hard things get, how sad you are, how cold you feel, or how lonely the road is, IT IS WORTH IT. The gospel is true. It is worth ever hard thing you will EVER have to do. So..... JUST DO IT. Okay not as easy as it sounds, but it is simple and you have infinite opportunities. There is a quote I read from my notes this morning from the movie Shenandoah (and I'm going to quote it wrong!) but it says something like "If you do not try, you will not do, and if you do not do, then why are you here?" No one is perfect. But through the grace of Jesus Christ we can be perfected. We can be made whole. Our strengths can become weaknesses, we can do all things.

LEARN IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. You will be happy, I promise you. :)

<3 Sister Wilcock


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