January 11, 2016


Mesa, AZ


Sister Bauer

We're all in this together!! #HighSchoolMusical #MissionaryWork #WhoKnew

Hey family!

Thanks for the great emails and updates. You know I love them!

Last week was crazy! It was super bizarre. I'll spare you the details, but trust me, I don't want to go back! haha REALLLLYYY looking forward to this week!

Despite the craziness, we did have some wonderful experiences.

First off. We set a record for the North Carolina Raleigh Mission! Our companionship and our zone saw some miracles happen this transfer and President James is buying us Cook-Out milkshakes. Cook-Out is a Southern thing, you'll understand one day family! ;) Anyways, it's been great, I love love love love love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago we went with our ward mission leader to meet a less active in the ward that nobody knew. She was so sweet and we had a great lesson with her! We've been back a few times and taught the basic principles of the gospel (she has forgotten a lot.) The WML invited this sister to have her boys join in the next lesson with us. (They are my age, about 19 and 21.) So on Saturday we had a really fun lesson with her and one of her sons. We played a game and taught them more about the restoration of the gospel. We felt like it went really well. This sister struggles with bad depression and anxiety which is one of the reasons she does not come to church. However we invited them to come and said we would save them a seat. (Well to be honest, we always save a little row for everyone we invite to church and end up sitting alone most Sundays... It happens!) But this Sunday both our less-active sister and her son came and stayed. It was ward conference and a great meeting. We were surrounded by recent converts and less active members on Sunday and it made my heart so happy. The parables found in Luke 15 has been in my mind this week. The last few weeks we have had so many people come to church, and it brings Sister Weaver and I so much joy! I invite you to read them and think about what you can do to go out and find "the one". Sometimes it's hard work, sometimes it takes time, sometimes it's as simple as taking someone some cookies or just smiling and saying hi!! You got this. No.... WE GOT THIS!! Let's make it happen together!!

Here is a page I found that might help in your missionary service this year! It has some videos and ideas and a sweet message.">

In October 2014 General Conference, Chi Hong Wong said "In order to assist the Savior, we have to work together in unity and harmony."

As our families and neighborhoods and wards and stakes and friends work together in unity to "go about doing good" we will all have an increase of the Spirit with us. It is amazing what we can achieve if we do it together, especially with the Savior on our side.

Love y'all!!!!

Sister Wilcock


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