January 4, 2016


Hope Mills


Sister Weaver

We are the champions 2x! ***Pray for Round 3***

Okay I just have to start typing because this week was SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

As mentioned in the subject line, we won round 2 of the "Covenanting Games" known as "The Find-Off". There is really no reason to brag, because all we do as missionaries is based upon the progress and agency of those we find and teach, but our results were incredible on Tuesday. The Zone Leaders challenged each companionship to find as many new investigators on Tuesday as the Lord would put in our path. Sister Weaver and I prayed about it and decided we would strive to find 10. (A pretty big number for one day, it's more than our typical week, but what can I say, Wilcock's are born competitive.) We were on exchanges on Tuesday so Sister Weaver and I promised to each other we would both work hard to achieve our goal and see what happens when we she came back! I told Hermana Swalberg our goal for the day and she looked at me like "Really? Alright...." We got to knocking them doors straight off the bat. It seemed as though every door we knocked on was a miracle! That day we found 16 new investigators. 14 in Hope Mills and 2 in the Spanish Sisters area! We found families who are SO prepared to hear the special message that we have. As we went back for our return appointments there were a few times these people we met just broke down into tears at the end of the lesson. I can't even describe the joy in my heart that comes from sharing the gospel, and the gratitude for the miracles I see every day.

On Sunday we had another amazing experience. Sister Portee is a member we have been teaching for a little while. She loves the gospel, but her intense hours at work inhibit her from attending church. She is a single mom, from a small village in Liberia Africa, and works so hard to provide for her family. She works at a place similar to the Randolph center in Coolidge, AZ. Anyways, Sister Weaver and I had prayed and fasted that she wold be able to come to church somehow because we knew she was missing the Spirit that is there. So we are sitting in church that morning, and the chapel doors open. We see Sister Portee walk in, and behind her a line of these sweet handicap people, enough to fill up 2 rows of chairs. Sister Portee brought them all to church with her, and even some other co-workers! Sister Weaver and I's jaws just dropped. They all stayed for all 3 hours and participated in every class. At the end of Sacrament meeting we sang "I am a Child of God". I couldn't sing the words because I was too choked up, it was amazing to sing that song and be surrounded by investigators and these special spirits. We are all just walking each other back home.

Ran out of time again, but thanks for everything!

Love y'all! Happy 2016!

-Sister Wilcock


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