November 23, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer


Hi family!

Looks like it's been an awesome week!

Aunt Holli- You are the bomb for getting the cranberry and sage crackers for my dad! That was so fun to see, I hope y'all loved them as much as I do! I have realized missionary taste-buds are a little off because we just have to eat anything and everything, but regardless I think they are still yummy. ;)

Dad- The open house at the church looked amazing! Were those all pictures from peoples homes? How neat to see such beautiful artwork of the temples. Glad y'alls trip to Utah was a "success"! Traveling to new places is always fun and refreshing. I hope I continue to travel and learn from people and make new friends. Funny story, in stake choir a lady came up to me and said "Oh, your name is Sister Wilcock?! Oh my goodness who are you related to?!" I was a little confused because usually when people back home ask that I know they either know you or Grandpa, but nobody out here know's y'all! Regardless I said "Well, Brent Wilcock is my grandpa?? (Thinking they were around the same age and there is maybe a 0.000001 chance they knew each other?) When I told her she got this huge grin on her face and said "I knew it!! I knew it, Brad Wilcox granddaughter, he is my favorite person, I have all of his talks on CD, you are a lucky girl." Maybe she didn't understand my Arizona accent but hey, I still consider myself a lucky girl! haha Hopefully y'all got my letter about Elder Strong's Grandma knowing Grandpa! That was really funny, he was so excited to tell me they dated back in the day. Small world! I am sure proud of the missionaries serving from our ward and stake. They are amazing! It is an experience worth more than anything!! You'll have to tell them hi for me. Also, to answer your questions! Sister Weaver is from Salt Lake (like downtown Salt Lake). She just graduated high school, has an older sister on a mission in Romania, has two younger brothers, and her dad is a seminary teacher! She is so great!!

Mom- The end of the semester is almost over! You got this! Go get those A's! ;) You are a great student. You would be so proud of me, I am learning to love reading again! No better way than to love reading the scriptures. Seriously though, I cannot wait to go home and read read read! Probably until school starts, and then the love might dwindle a little bit... but that's okay! Your trip to Utah looked so fun! Glad you got to escape for a little bit. I understand how you feel, watching the world turn without you there! That's the weirdest part of being a missionary. I have been keeping track of how many of my friends back home get engaged or married and I think I am up in the 20's, not even kidding! It's will be a "whole new world" when I get home, but change is good and exciting, I am looking forward to it!! We are going to eat with the Joyner family on Thanksgiving and help Sister Joyner before dinner! I am so excited, they are the funniest family. They teach gospel principles and are ward missionaries. Their son just got baptized, and Brother Joyner is a fairly recent convert. They are so great! I will miss being with the family, make sure to give everyone a hug from me! :)

Ken- Your apartment is so adorable!!!! Seriously, what a fun place to live. I hope everything is going well for you, I am excited to hear about your holiday adventures! What are your plans? Did you finally get my 14 page letter?! haha I was laughing at how stinking long it was, but hey, now you know my whole life! ;) Love you!

Brays- Heard you got to party it up in Utah!! I hope it was a blast! We had dinner with the Carey family this week and they have a son your age that reminds me of you. They told me he plays the trombone and like to practice in the mornings and I had flashbacks of when you practiced your trumpet! You were so good, remember how I couldn't even get a real sound out?! haha good times. Have you gotten my letter with the deal I made with you? I've been anxiously waiting your response!! haha Love you bro!

This week was so good. We had zone training meeting on Wednesday and the zone leaders (Elders Brown and Peterson) told us that instead of listening to more instruction that day, we were going to go out and find new investigators for 1 hour! We were assigned new companions and an area to go, and were told to be back at the Gillis Hill church in one hour. Sister Thompson, Sister Hathaway and I were together and they are Spanish missionaries! I was excited to sit in on some Spanish lesson but sadly none happened. We knocked and knocked and people just weren't feelin' it that morning if you know what I mean! But the Sisters I was with are so cute and fun, we had a great time. The last house we knocked on someone came to the door. He had just returned from serving 10 years in Afghanistan! His name was Carl, he was so kind. We told him our purpose as missionaries and promised that our message would strengthen him and his family. He became a new investigator that day and invited us (although the GH Elders will be going) back to teach his family. We were not the only companionship to have a special experience like this. When we all returned and reported what happened, I looked over to Elder Strong and Elder Allphin, both just gleaming with joy and gratitude. Our entire zone had found people for them to teach. The Gillis Hill area is a brand new area with lots of struggles. There are a lot of military families, lots of needs, and not a ton of resources. The Elders have struggled finding ways to strengthen their area and the zone leaders were so awesome to help them out. It was such a great way to unify our zone and serve other missionaries. It was very inspired, and something I will always remember!!

After zone training meeting Sister Weaver and I decided to clean up our teaching pool, by deciding which investigators are progressing and how we can find new ones! We decided to "drop" a few, which is always so hard to do. But we prayed to have the faith that God would send us those who are prepared to hear our message, and we promised that we would be prepared to teach them! That night we went and found a less active sister and had a wonderful lesson with her, and then tracted her entire street. We found 4 solid potentials that day, and people wanting us to teach their families. Faith and prayer are so powerful in this work! I know there a good things coming. They are always happening :)

Love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

-Sister Wilcock


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