November 16, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer

It's Fall Y'all!

Hi family!

So good to hear from so many of you this week!

Mom Dad and B- looks like you had fun in Utah! I am a little jealous! ...Okay maybe a lot jealous! So glad you got to go. Temple Square is one of my favorite places. It holds a special spot in the hearts of many. Members out here always ask what it's like, or talk about fond memories of when they visited. It really is the place! I love seeing all of the fun pictures, sorry for not being better at sending them lately, I will work on that!

This week was so great!

This transfer Sister Weaver and I are working especially hard to involve the members in our work and get to know them better. It has been so fun to meet the youth during their weekly activities, pop-in to young women's class on Sundays, and talk to the ladies in Relief Society during the week! We have already seen some of the fruit of our efforts in involving members more. President Lockhart (and family) invited us over on Monday evening to teach their next door neighbor Patrice. Patrice is a mom with 4 kids, and her husband is Howard! They have an adorable family. (Their girls have the greatest curly hair ever, I covet it a little bit.) Anyways, Patrice grew up Christian, then in high school and college decided to study other religions in depth. She decided after studying a few out, she fit most with the Jewish ideology. She then met her husband Howard who grew up Jewish, and they decided to get married and have a family! We taught Patrice the restoration and it went so well. She seemed to really enjoy it and said it made a lot of sense. We went back to their home on Saturday and taught the family about the Plan of Happiness! ...........It was so hard! Oh my goodness, I don't even know how to explain it! Howard has no idea who Jesus Christ is (in terms of Savior and Redeemer). Our beliefs are so different yet culturally there are some similarities, it's really interesting. Sister Weaver is handling it better than I am I think. It is so fun to teach them. I have been reading Jesus the Christ (trying to finish by Christmas!) and it has been so helpful to me. That book is THE BEST. Everyone should read it. I have been getting ready super fast in the mornings so I can get to studies early and read it! It is that good! I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to testify of Jesus Christ as my Savior. Nefertari, the Muslim girl I taught in Wilmington is getting baptized soon. I am so excited about that. On Sunday we were able to teach Gospel Principles, and it was all about the life of Jesus Christ. This week has just been full of testimony building moments, I sure love this gospel. Learning about my Savior makes me even more excited to share that knowledge with others!!

On December 13th the missionaries and other members of the Fayetteville Stake are performing a Christmas Contata about the Christmas story. I am so honored to be performing such beautiful music. It makes my cry every time we sing. Christmas is my favorite season ever! (And Thanksgiving too.... but especially Christmas!!) Sister Francis (A senior missionary serving here) wrote the music when she was in college (in the 80's I think?) and I know this piece is so inspired. I just wish you could hear it!

Sister Weaver and I are pretty much soul sisters I think! We laugh so much and have a great time, even when we get #rejected! Some people just don't know what they are missing out on. But hey, we will get them. ;)

Okay random side note** You need to try the Triscuit Cranberry and Sage crackers!! It's like Thanksgiving in my mouth! (you're welcome)

Today we played sports as a zone. I love our zone! Missionaries are the best. I have decided that the Elders are like a ton of little brothers (always playing pranks and being nerds) but it's like a family. The Sisters really are like sisters, we all have a ball together. I love the NCRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all so much! Hope you have the best week of your life!!!!!!!!!

<3 Sicily


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