November 3, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer

It's a girl!

Dear family,

Thanks for the emails and postcards and fun pictures! Looks like your Halloween was so fun. I love hearing about the experiences you are having. Don't worry Dad the pictures don't make me homesick, I do feel so included! And I laughed so hard at the picture of the grass lines. I was vacuuming this morning and I was in a rush so the lines weren't very straight and I thought "Man, dad would be so ashamed of the lines." I swear we are all on the same wavelength. Mom and Dad you are not old oh my goodness! Everyone says you look and seem so young and fun when I tell them about you, I have the best parents ever.

Speaking about parents.... I am going to be a mom! (I'm getting a baby from the MTC) Okay mission lingo is ridiculous I know. But I just found out that I will be training a new Sister starting tomorrow, and that the trio is being split up. Crazy right? It seriously feels like I am having a baby, I have to get the house ready, make sure we have everything planned, and I have to make sure I am going to be the best example ever! Maybe not the best example ever, but at least a good one! Sister Gropp did such a good job at being that example, I just need to get all of her ideas. ;)

Thank you Mom and Brays for fasting for me, I will need it, and it was inspired! Dad, thanks for sharing the experience at Kennedy's sealing. That meant a lot to me. I just love y'all! Oh, and Mom! You are a life saver! The neck massager worked wonders! I have never felt so good my entire mission, thank you!!

Trisni! Did Drayten get his Flat Stanley in time? I am so sorry if it was late, I went to the post office to send it but it closed way early and I had to stick a ton of stamps on it and shove it in our little mail box! It made me so happy to get that though, I hope it worked out. :)

This week was great! I just have time to share one experience. On Halloween we could only get one appointment set because of the holiday, so we spent the day knocking doors. It was kind of like trick-or-treating but way cooler of course! We weren't having much luck though. We decided to stop by a less-active families house on the street to hopefully share a message! They are the greatest family, I just love them, and they invited us right in. They were busy getting ready to go out of town, they were packing up suitcases and loading the car, but they stopped what they were doing when I asked if we could share a message. We taught about the power of prayer and shared some scriptures from the book of Enos. Brother McRae (A big military guy who is always cracking jokes during our lessons) broke into tears. He shared his thoughts about the power of prayer. Being in the military he has seen things in parts of the world that I cannot even imagine. He truly knows what it is like to plead with Heavenly Father for himself and for his brethren. I was so grateful that we stopped by their home. The scriptures touched his heart, and his testimony touched mine. The Spirit works in wonderful ways. I have never loved the scriptures more than I do now.

I love y'all with all of my heart!

-Sister Sicily Wilcock


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