August 31, 2015




Sister Bauer


Hi Family!

Thanks for all of the pictures, they mean a lot! I loved being able to see the pictures from the funeral. I love my Gillespie family so much! I am so sad I could not be there to see you all, but know my heart was there this week. I love you.

I am also bummed I was not able to be at Baby Brent's blessing, but I am sure it was beautiful. I love you Wilcock Family! :)

Mom- I am sure you are like the best student ever. Don't stress, go with the flow, it will all work out! I'm sure your professors like to have someone like you in their classes. I know I would! Great job, you are amazing. This week we had to teach Gospel Principles and we taught about Charity. Just thought I would let you know I talked about you probably the whole time. Thank you for your example of charity! Thanks for the new debit card, is it just like mine getting updated? Also thanks for the package! I don't think I need anything... maybe my thumb drive back though. I have some great videos I will send home soon! :) My neck is okay, no worries! My chiropractor still plays basketball on Thursdays at our church so we go talk to him when we are there. I swear I only hurt my back so we would meet him! haha

Dad- That car though.... Oh my goodness! Take me for a ride? haha It looks so fast. That is awesome. Thanks for the pictures of the week, it is special being able to see everyone faces. Y'all have been in my mind this week!

Ken- Okay I didn't send the letter last week because I wanted to wait for yours first, so I got yours and I will send my response today! Look out for it!

Brays- Congrats on all your merit badges! I am so proud of you! But hey, "I'm on my knees, beggin' pleeeeease" stop getting so tall! ;) I got your letter, they are seriously so great!!!! Thanks bro, I will send yours today too. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

The Autens asked if there was anything they could take to you (they are flying to Mesa today) and I didn't have anything to give to them but a big hug!! So you'll just have hugs all around from Sister Wilcock ;)

This week was CRAZY! Easily the hardest week of the mission. But like we as NCRM missionaries say every morning.... WE LOVE HARD DAYS!!! Woohoo! So here's what happened... Wednesday- taught at Zone Training, made a billion phone calls, had some appointments, then traveled to Jacksonville/Swansboro (1.5 hrs) to meet up with the J3 Sisters to carpool to Raleigh in the morning. Thursday morning we woke up at 3:45 am to get to Raleigh for our training with Elder Dube. Let me just say, it was SO worth it! He is so kind and I really loved learning from him. We got back to Wilmington that night and had to go to a couple appointments, then prepare and pack for our meeting on Friday in Fayetteville (2+hrs). Our YSA member Kendra drove and we had a YW preparing for a mission come as well. We estimated the travel time wrong and got there late, which was so embarrassing. It was a great meeting however and the Spirit was truly felt. There was even some humorous moments!

OH MY GOODNESS okay most embarrassing story but don't worry it has a good ending!!!!

So. We go up to perform. Sister Bauer and Elder Mauldin are singing, and I am playing the piano with Elder Poast as my page turner (it was a 12 page song with lots of repeats etc....) Alright so I'm setting up my music before we start and then some of my papers fall INSIDE THE CRACKS OF THE PIANO!! It was so awkward because I was just sitting there trying to get them out and everyone was trying not to laugh. It was pretty hilarious. Okay so I fish my papers out and we start. All of a sudden my papers just start floating away... The AC was blowing them off of the piano!! So Elder Poast was trying to catch them all and put them back so I could read the music, but it was just a big mess and I was trying to just keep playing and it was just like a 3 stooges moment or something, everyone was laughing so hard! So Elder Mauldin stops and says "Hey President, is it okay if we start over?" And he said "Yes that's a great idea." So I collect all the papers from the floor, put them in order, and Elder Poast, President James, and Elder Parker (Assistant to the President) all stand around me and hold the music in place so it wouldn't blow away. In my head I was thinking "Oh goodness, Elder Parker and Elder Poast my ultimate missionary heroes and President James are all standing around me... No pressure...." But the biggest miracle happened at that moment!! It may seem small, but to me it was such a tender mercy. I was able to play the song better than I ever had before, no mess ups and no pages floating away! Elder Mauldin and Sister Bauer sang SO beautifully, and when I was walking back to my seat, there were tear filled eyes looking back at me. I don't know if they were tears from the Spirit or tears from laughing so hard, but I do know that the song was inspired and it touched someones heart that day. President James could hardly speak because he was so choked up. The song "His Hands" had a powerful message that taught about the Atonement and missionary work. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of it.

That night President James sent us a message thanking us for the Spirit we brought into the meeting. I can testify that the Lord can make weak things become strong. At the most awkward times in life when everything seems to be blown away and there's literally nothing to hold on to, He is there. He often times sends angels to guide us and to bear us up. These angel come in forms of leaders, friends, family members, and strangers. They are all around us! They are manifestations of the Lord's love. It is my hope that I can be an angel to someone, for I have had many support me through this life.

I am grateful for all the angels in my life, including all those who might read this email. Thank you!

I love the Lord and I love His work. This week I was tired and so done with being awake! But I made the choice to get uncomfortable, to keep going, and to what I was called to do, share the gospel. This week we found a number of new investigators who are excited to hear about our message, and have already committed to do the things we have invited them to do, (read the scriptures, pray, etc.) It really is in the small and simple things, the choices that we make every day, that big changes happen and miracles take place.


Have a fantastic week!


Sister Wilcock


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