August 10, 2015




Sister Gropp

Learn it, Live it, Love it!!! You'll be happy I promise you.

Hey Fam Bam!

Hope all is well! Got your emails this morning, they were great! I love hearing from all y'all!

Shout out to Auntie M. YOU ARE AMAZING! What a gorgeous lady you are! So beautiful. Love you!

Dalen and Ali- Thanks for the adorable baby announcement. Baby Brent is so precious. I can't wait to squeeze those little cheeks of his! Tell Taylor and Zach I love them!

B-dawg I hear you're getting ready for Junior High? What?? Nooo don't do it you're not allowed to grow up until I get home! haha You are going to do great! I hope it's so fun and you make lots of friends! A few pieces of advice i have hanging on my wall : Be the type of person you want to meet! Throw kindness around like confetti! Keep calm, it'll be grand! And remember that you're never fully dressed without a smile :) I LOVE YOU! I have a letter in the mail for you today as well, so check the mail this week!

Crazy story, this morning I was thinking about Bishop Stephens and how when I get home we could possibly have another Bishop.... Well guess what, I must be psychic because I got to the computer and BAM it came true! Bishop Stephens was AMAZING! I was so lucky to be able to be a youth with him as a Bishop. Bishop Sandstrom has got some big shoes to fill but I have no doubt in my mind he will do amazing things.He already has!! Parkwood Ward will always be on fire! I am always so impressed with the caliber of leaders we have. If I could be half the person they are I would be doing good!

Big changes are happening in our area! To name a few:

Sister Gropp and Elder Whatcott are being transferred! So sad! I have learned so much from them and their examples. Especially Sister Gropp, she was an amazing trainer!

The YSA branch presidency is getting released. They were amazing! Everyone was crying on Sunday... The YSA loves their leaders.

Basically 3/4 of the YSA and a lot of the seniors are moving out of the stake! We are losing a lot of people, and praying new ones come in! I have learned so much from each of these amazing members. They are solid! This ward was tight *Like unto a dish*

And our District is getting switched around! Our DL is "dying" (going home) and we will have a lot of our District members training greenies so it will be fun to see what happens tomorrow.

Anyways, that's what's going down in Wilmington! It's going to be a fun adventure this week with all these changes. Change is good! It helps us learn and grow and gives us more opportunities. I am excited to meet my new companion and learn from her. Just sorry she'll be stuck with me! haha ;)

This week we were able to spend a lot of time doing service! We painted lots (AND LOTS) of furniture, helped people move, cleaned houses and yards, and I even got to do someone's hair!(I'll send a picture to you mom, it turned out good!!)

I love doing service. Not only because I get to wear a t-shirt and pants (that's a plus!) but because Mosiah 2:17 is so true! When you are in the service of your fellow being you are in the service of your God, and serving ALWAYS brings smiles. It's just what happens. We were able to spend the afternoon with the Pearces this week. Brother Ned Pearce has some major health issues (cancer, recently gone blind, recent back surgery got infected, and pneumonia). Sister Pearce takes such good care of him. They are always happy and smiling and cracking jokes! I just don't know how they do it. Okay, actually I do. We asked them how their faith stays so strong during their trials, and they told us that it comes through living the gospel. Seems so simple, right? That's because it IS so simple! Living the gospel, especially the basics like prayer, scripture study, family home evenings, temple attendance, and going to church, and simple things, but they bring to pass the greatest miracles. I can testify that this is true. If you have doubts, if you are struggling, if you are confused or alone or you need to smile, LIVE THE GOSPEL!

As my wise seminary teacher Brother Bingham would say "If you learn it, live it, love it, you'll be happy, I promise you."

I know that this is true.

I know that I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father who loves me! Because of the truths of the gospel I know why I am here. Each of us were born with a great purpose. Each of us has a divine destiny. I know that families play an essential role in this plan. I am so grateful for my family in teaching me these truths. I am so grateful for scriptures and for prayer, and for living Prophets and Apostles who lead and guide us. I am so grateful for temples and eternal marriages!

I am so grateful for you!!

I know I may not write the best letters, (I'm working on it) but I hope that through my words you have felt the Spirit. I pray that my actions will always be a reflection of the Savior, and that through me others can find Him.

Thank you for all you do :)


Sister Sicily Wilcock <3


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