July 31, 2015




Sister Gropp

Hey hey heyyyyy! Sister Wilcock in the house!

Hey family!

So it's been a crazy week! We had 3 investigators move, one passed away, and we were slightly threatened to be shot by an old woman... haha We also couldn't do much tracting or biking because of some things going on, so we had to get a little creative. We were still able to meet some great people and have some good experiences.

One of the things that really stuck out to me from this week was how amazing the church system is set up. When everyone works together amazing things happen!!!!

In ward council some things were shared regarding the youth temple trip on Saturday. Sister Ward is an older lady who is has lost her legs, and she is the cutest thing. She always hugs us Sisters when we see her. She was able to go to the temple in Raleigh with the youth and be baptized for some family members. That Sunday it was all the youth could talk about. They thought it was the most amazing thing to see cute little Sister ward, with no legs, be baptized with the help of Bishop and another ward member.

Chris Vasquez, a youth who was just baptized a month or two ago into our ward was able to be baptized for his grandfather. Bishop shared with us that when Chris came out of the water he was just overwhelmed and shed a few tears.

After these experiences were shared, Sister Abrams who is over the Family History Center here (and also a ward missionary) shared how finding Chris's family names was a miracle in and of itself, and that when the youth work on their family history on Sundays they have had some amazing experiences. Then Sister Maynes (Relief Society President) shared with us that Sister Ward was a less-active member not too long ago, and that she was challenged by a missionary to pray for one person in the ward that she didn't know. Sister Maybes chose to pray for Sister Ward, and invited her to activities and church for a long time. She said it would have been very easy to give up, or to just do it once, but she continued to pray for Sister Ward and continued to fellowship her. The fruits of her effort are obvious with the experience at the temple. All because she took that missionary challenge seriously.

I love this church and I love this gospel with all of my heart! I know that everything we do in the church is because of what Jesus Christ has done for each one of us. He loves us so very much. He has blessed us in so many wonderful ways. I hope that each of you feel the joy that comes from living the gospel. I hope you know, that I know it is true!! It is real!! It is everything.


Sister Wilcock


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