June 8, 2015




Sister Gropp

Hey s- From Brayson

Heres a pic of Sister Wright who we taught and Sister Gropp and I holding a turtle I saved!

hahaha so funny! Don't die from Math! lol That's whats good about a mission, no math for 18 months! ;)

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 11:59 AM,

Nothing.. cept for getting tortured to death!!! Cuz mom is forcing me to get help in math!!! Putrid!


Hey Brother! What are you up to?

Not mom- b-dawg

B Dawg! You still online? Loved your letter!!!!!

Hi Sicily-

How are you doing? I have summer vacation right now. I got to go to scout camp last week. I earned 6 and`1/2 merit badges. Um my partial was astronomy. Then I completed- indian lore, wood carving, weather, plant and water conservation, fish and wildlife! I made some old mocassins, they were pretty groovy.

We (Me, Ben, Tyler, Carter, Cade, and Cole) went down into the canyon behind our campsite when we weren’t supposed to. We found a small pond and I caught two water snakes and almost caught 3 bullfrog tadpoles. Ben fell in the water two times like a noob. Carter was climbing up out of the canyon, he tripped and hit his shin on a rock, he cut it wide open! I put my bandanna around his leg to stop the bleeding. And me and Tyler had to help carry him up to the camp and he had to go to Flagstaff to get 6 stitches in his leg!! It was a big adventure.

I got 3 new pocket knives, 1 for dad and the other two for me. Then, I cut my thumb really deep! I NEEDED stitches but, we just superglued it! I am a MANLY MAN!

I get to start basketball camp this week. And I feel like having cold spaghetti right now. I am hungry!

I Love you Sicily- I hope you can get everything done that you need to!




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