June 8, 2015




Sister Gropp

NCRM for the WIN!!

Okay honestly, getting your emails each week is just the greatest thing ever. The Sisters always laugh at my reactions when I read the emails because lets be real, in the last 2-3 months I've been gone A LOT has happened!!!! hahaha

Dad- Loved your letter!! I am glad Girls Camp went so well. I am so sad I missed your Captain Moroni speech. The topic of defending religious freedom has really been on my mind lately, and it sounds like I would have truly loved what you said as well as the program the girls were able to do! I am amazed at the number of girls and boys who went to camp that were not members of our church! What an amazing example of missionary work from our youth. They are truly "Embarking" in missionary service. I am so proud of them. Poor Carter Marshall! I can just imagine Tyler and B-dawg carrying him up that canyon, they are such great boys. Hopefully they are all okay. I am excited to hear about how Stake Conference goes. Your talks are always so great, you'll have to send me your notes :)

Mom- You amaze me! What a smarty pants! That must be where I get it from... ;) ;) JK I WISH I was as smart and driven as you are! I am excited that you might be going back to school, school is so fun. I am sad I missed the roping fundraiser! It is always such a neat thing. I am proud of our Gillespie heritage too! I'll mention something cool about that shortly.... Okay HOLD UP. A Foreign exchange student?! YES!! Oh my goodness I am so excited for this! I hope it works out! That would be so much fun. What an amazing way to get to know someone and be involved with another culture. And he's Japanese, dad you would probably be in heaven. He can have my room while I'm gone!!! haha

Brays- I'll reply to the email you just sent me!

Ken- November 7th?!!! Ahhhhhhhh so crazy! And the Mesa temple?! Woohoo I'm glad you chose there, Gilbert is so pretty but Mesa is still my fave ;) Wish I could be there! I have another letter for you BTW and you will love it and have to read it to the fam bam.

This week was "cray cray" (as dad would say... hahaha). I think that the best way to explain this week was that we had many opportunities to prove our diligence and work hard! It's always fun though. We were biking all week, I have decided the THE hardest part of being a missionary is wearing a skirt all day long! It's killer! Especially on a bike! haha But if that is the worst part than you know everything else is fabulous, which it truly is!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Bernhisel. Those went really well, it's always great to see the Bernhisels! I was pretty surprised at the end of the interview however, because President asked if I would be willing to serve as a Sister Training Leader (I think it's like a girl Zone or District Leader).... Um, I thought maybe he got the wrong person, I'm not even done training yet! I don't finish training until July so I didn't think being a Sister Leader was a thing for me yet, but I accepted and am excited to learn. I'm a little nervous about that, but I am excited to go on more exchanges and learn from Sisters in different areas. I still have a lot to learn!

Funny story- okay maybe it's not a funny story, it's just something goofy that I want to share. Our Zone Leaders serve in the same wards as Sister Gropp and I do. One of their names are Elder Whattcott. EVERYBODY mixes up our names. I get called Sister Wilcott, Whattcock, etc. and he gets called the same. I always give him a hard time about it! It's just hilarious watching people try to pronounce and remember our names, most people just mumble it. It cracks me up. Also... Sister Marshall found my wisdom teeth videos! Ahhhhh my reputation is ruined forever! hahaha they quote them to me all of the time. And they told the Elders and now THEY tease me too. Oh boy. Someone go shut down my account hahaha

I had three experiences this week that I want to share!

The first was an answer to a prayer of mine. I have been really excited about learning in the scriptures, but I can never seem to remember references or use my scriptures as effectively as I want to in lessons. I have been praying real hard to have that weakness turn into a strength (Ether 12:27). While we were contacting (before our next appointment) I had some Books of Mormon in my bag and decided that I wanted to give them ALL away within that 30 minute span of time. Okay I only had 3 extra B of Ms but hey, it happened! I gave all three away, used the Book of Mormon effectively and 2 of those people became new investigators that day. I was so excited. The Lord qualifies who He calls.

Next, We were able to teach Stephanie and the Wheeler girls this week! Stephanie is the one who came up to us one Sunday and said she had read the Book of Mormon, knows that it is true, and wants to be baptized. We have had a hard time meeting with her and her boyfriend (he is an attorney and she travels for work) but we had a lesson! The entire ward just LOVES her. Brother Price (her bf) is a returning less active and friends with many of the members of our ward. Fellowship has been amazing. She is excited to be baptized but just so nervous to tell her parents, she is not sure how they are going to react. We felt inspired to challenge her to prepare to be baptized, and extended the invitation for her to attend the Raleigh temple with the youth on July 25 for what we call a "2nd" baptismal date (to do work for her ancestors who passed on). She was crying and very hesitant, but through her tears she accepted. I know it took her a large amount of faith to commit to that. I am amazed at her faith and willingness to keep the commitments we make with her. She is the epitome of a "golden" investigator.

Our experience with the Wheelers was similar. Alexa and Madisen are the daughters of a less-active in the ward. They are 17 and 18 years old and have met with missionaries since they were young! They go to girls camp and youth conferences and read their scriptures, and attend church every week! We just love them. They are amazing! During their lesson we asked them what their thoughts on baptism were, and discussed what things might be holding them back from becoming covenant members of the Lord's church. They were just a little nervous to make that official commitment I think. The Spirit touched my heart during that lesson, and I shared with them examples from 1st Nephi of how the Lord "nourishes" and "provides for" those who keep His commandments. I felt the love Heavenly Father has for them, His sweet daughters. I don't know if I have testified that boldly before, and I don't know if that experience even made a difference in their lives at all, but I know that my testimony of baptism grew that day.

I want each of you to know that I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that my Savior lives and He died for each of us so that we may experience life with Him again. I know that our Heavenly Father knows each of us personally. He knows YOU! He wants YOU to be with Him again! And it is up to YOU to learn His ways and learn to love Him as He loves you. I love this gospel and I know that this is His true church restored again on the earth. I am grateful for that.

I love each of you!


Sister Sicily Wilcock


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