June 1, 2015




Sister Gropp

Yoohoo! Big Summer Blow-out! <Name that movie

Dear family!

So I gather it has been a crazy week for y'all? So funny!

Hope girls camp went well, I saw some pictures on FB. Dad you look rockin' on that stallion! How'd the lesson go? Any good stories?

Mom- Glad Girls Camp went so well! Oh man I miss that place! I bet the upgrades were great, what a great facility they provide for us there!

I also saw some pics of B fishing with Papa Dave. Way to go brutha! What a champ!

KENNEDY. i cri ery tiem.
This week has been solid! We were blessed to find 5 new investigators! 3 of those were referrals from some of the Elders. It is neat to see how the Lord works when introducing His gospel to His children. Our first investigators we found were a mother/daughter named Cathy and Christine from Long Island, NY. So cute. They invited us into their little trailer and gave us some cold water (we were pretty tired from biking). We got to know them a bit, introduced our purpose and message, and they invited us back for lunch and a lesson! Cathy had another daughter who lives in Utah who joined the church. She was there when 2 of her grand kids were baptized and she said it was beautiful. She didn't know much about what we believe and is excited to learn more. Christine thought the Elders are cute and I think was a bit disappointed that they weren't the ones who came back, but hey, same message and that's all that matters! She excited to learn more as well :) The same day we knocked on a door in the same neighborhood and met a girl (She is Peyton Wilcock's long lost twin) anyways she had a cousin who went to BYUI and joined the church and she was interested in learning more as well. Another person we contacted this week was an elderly lady named Ms. Pittman! The Elders in our ward had an impression to knock on her door, but couldn't go inside because she is a recent widow and so they referred her to us. We went and met with her and her care-taker and found out that one of her daughters is a member in our ward!! We had no idea! Her daughter served a mission years ago. Ms. Pittman used to feed the missionaries in Wilmington, and even took care of them when Hurricane Fran came around. She was so happy to see us. She hadn't seen missionaries in years!

Those are just a few of the amazing people we have met this week! It has been so fun to meet new people and share with them our special message.

Funny story of the week- So. Exchanges. I always have great stories from exchanges. Last week Sister Gropp and I exchanged with our Sister Leaders in Shallotte. I stayed in Wilmington and had Sister Warner with me. She is from Alaska! She is probably the most obedient missionary I have ever met in my whole life, and it just comes so naturally to her! She seriously has every rule memorized. (One day I'll get there, one day...) Anyways, I was super nervous because it was my first time driving alone here in Wilmington, and visiting people and making appointments etc. all the while I was being evaluated by Sister Warner and I got lost a billion times because I forgot how to use technology (namely GPS). It went well, I mean all of our appointments fell through, and all of our back-ups fell through too, but we made good use of our time and were able to meet with some people that weren't in our plans for that day. So our day ends and I am excited to go back to the apartment and be done and guess what happens... Dun dun dunnnnnn. The keys to the apartment were with Sister Gropp in Shallotte!! Like an hour away! hahaha We were locked out. I could have broken in but didn't want to scare Sister Warner with my ninja skills so we had to call President and get permission to stay with the 1st ward Sisters overnight. So embarrassing. I slept on the floor with a little blanket in my church clothes. It wasn't bad at all, I actually slept pretty well but the next day was SO killer!! All I could think about was the quote from the movie Suits On The Loose where that Elder in the wilderness says "This is going to make great material for my homecoming talk!" hahaha It was a fun 24 hours, I love those kinds of adventures.

Thanks for all of the prayers in my behalf! I have a SUPER good talk for you to read this week. It is called Converted Unto the Lord by Elder David A. Bednar. We are reading it in preparation for our interviews with President Bernhisel tomorrow. It's very good, if you read it let me know! I also have some good songs for y'all to look up! So for Zone Conference my District is singing "Mighty to Save". It's a Christian song that is pretty popular down here in the South. I am playing the piano for it! Anyways, its great. And also the Nashville Tribute Band has some great songs about missionary work. You can add it to your Sunday playlist!

I love you all! Thank you for all you do for me! I am trying to take President Burgess's advice from the MTC and "be the kind of missionary my mom thinks I am". It's so worth it!

Have a FABULOUS week!


Sister Wilcock


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