May 4, 2015




Sister Gropp

They See Me Mowin'......

Hi family! So good to hear from you! I just love hearing your letters. They are the best! I got your package with the CD's! It was perfect! We were sooooo excited to get them, packages are just the greatest. We can now jam out which is so fun. I haven't received the one with the t-shirts and things you mentioned mom, but I'm sure I will soon! Thanks in advance!

Brayson- Heard you are a super baller! Thats so awesome dude! We play basketball every Tuesday and we got the Johnson family to come play with us! It was so fun. After a few weeks of practice I am actually getting better. Good luck on your next game! You know I'd be cheering if I was there! And I hope you have fun at Fathers and Sons! Send me a pic of your new gun! Sounds super "neat"... (neature reference) hahaha Love you Bro!

Dad- Congrats on the new business change! I am very excited for you. I'm sure everything will work out. You have always been an excellent provider, protector, and preside-er! I am so grateful for that and for your example. I loved hearing about your experiences at the Priesthood meeting and ward conferences. Meeting with Bishop Pace I have realized just how much Bishops do, and I am in awe of how willingly you serve and share your time with others, and still had fun with us kids. You are amazing!!!!

Mom- You are just the best missionary mom! I imagine you are like Sister Marshall here. She always just takes care of us, and I think that's what you do for the missionaries at home. And basically the whole neighborhood. No big deal. Thanks again for the packages! My letter today is in honor of you!!

Okay, so this week... Where do I even start! Last Sunday Sister Gropp began having some extreme back pain. (she had back surgery before the mission). It was so bad this week that we had to go see a doctor and she could hardly move. Although we weren't permitted to do much I still learned some amazing things this week. I got to do lots of service, like mowing lawns, weeding gardens, doing dishes, working at the Marshall's property, and painting Brother Wilson's office. As I was able to serve Sister Gropp (each morning I had to help her do her hair, put on shoes, make breakfast, etc) I realized that this is exactly what you did for me, mom! All the time! Every day! You sacrificed so much for me and I know that I haven't thanked you enough. While Sister Gropp and I were studying this week we read "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. He talks about the Savior and the Atonement. It was a life-changing experience to be able to study it. One thing he talked about was piano lessons! It was so easy to relate with that because of the many, many piano lessons I have taken and taught. He talks about how when you take piano lessons, your mom will pay the teacher the full amount. The teacher give you the tools to learn, but ultimately it's up to you to practice and learn all that you can. There is no way for you to pay your mom back, except for learning all that you can to be a better pianist. And your mom wouldn't be happy if you just gave her the money, what brings her joy is hearing the beautiful music that comes from your practice. Brad Wilcox used this as an analogy with the Atonement. The Savior paid in full for everything we could ever do. We cannot pay Him back. What the Savior asks of us is to learn His way. We cannot earn our place in Heaven, but we can learn our place in Heaven. Through obedience to His commandments we can learn to live a higher law. I know that Brother Wilcox explained it so much better, so maybe for Family Home Evening you can read it as a family. But I just wanted to share that with you. ;) And Mom, thank you for taking me to piano lessons all the time! And thanks for letting me teach piano lessons in our home! Go read the talk, its totally better than whatever I just said. ;)

Two heart-wrenching things happened this week as well. In ward council we were told that we are no longer allowed to teach people in the downtown Wilmington "projects" because of the racial tension that is happening here on the East Coast after Baltimore and all the jazz. It broke my heart because that is where the Johnson Family lives. The entire family has just begun learning about the gospel, and we have been working so hard to build those relationships with them. We have even been able to teach their aunts and grandmas and neighbors. Not being able to see them for right now is so sad, but I know that things will work out. It gives us an opportunity to have lessons in the church building, which has a sweet spirit. And hopefully they will continue coming to play basketball!! Pray for them. :)

Second, three of our investigators came to church on Sunday! I We were so excited. One in particular we were excited about. Her name is Mel, I've talked about her before. :) I think she enjoyed it, and she always has lots of questions, so she asked if we could come over after church and answer some of her questions. We had a good visit with her. She is going through some very hard trials, some that I can't even imagine and she broke down into tears as we spoke with her. She says that she meets with Sister Gropp and I because she sees the hope and joy that we have in our eyes and she wants that so desperately. I had tears streaming down my face because of the love I felt for this sweet sister. I don't know the pain she is going though, but I love her and want to help her so badly. I can only imagine the love our Savior has for each of us. He knows us perfectly. He know's the pain we feel as well as the joy. He wants us to return to Him and to be happy. I pray that each of us will understand that better. I know that the hope and joy that I feel is solely through the Savior and His teachings. I know that as we learn more about our Savior we will have greater capacity to love Him.

I just want you to know that HE LOVES YOU! and I love you. :)

Keep smiling this week!


Sister Wilcock


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