April 27, 2015




Sister Gropp

LOL Laugh Out Loud

Where do I even begin! This week was so fun.
I just have to get this one out there. I've been waiting to tell you this experience all week. So Sister Gropp and I were driving downtown (projects/ghetto) and every once in a while we see road kill. I saw some weird looking thing in the middle of the road and was trying to figure out what the heck it was! When we got closer I realized it was a wig! I don't know why it was so funny but it made me cry from laughing so hard. Anyways.....

This week we reached our goal of 20 lessons once again! We get cancelled on so many times yet we still reach our goal. Don't know how it happens but it does and I am thankful for it! Being cancelled on is the worst!! As missionaries we are so excited about each lesson we share, we love teaching lesson!! On Wednesday we had the best day. We were able to go out with Sister Abrams and her daughter-in-law Mel. They are the cutest. Mel has been in touch with missionaries for a while now, but never very interested in the church. Her dad is a Baptist preacher and she has always followed his advice and asked him questions. She is at the point in her life now where she is wanting to know more and find out for herself what she believes. I am so excited for her. She has such a desire to come closer to God. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, or the Plan of Happiness as I like to refer to it more often. ;) This lesson is the most mind-blowing for the people we teach because it teaches us that there is more than just a Heaven and Hell. It broadens our understanding of the eternities and I think that this message is one of the most powerful to witness. Because Mel was brought up Baptist she always wants to know where she can learn more about what we teach in the Bible. Good news for her, its everywhere in the Bible! I just love how the Book of Mormon and Bible go hand in hand. They both testify of Jesus Christ in such powerful ways. I have learned so much about the Plan of Salvation from the Bible alone during my mission, it's amazing. Anyways, we also had a less active member there during Mel's lesson. I thought it was going to be crazy with an investigator and less active there both asking questions, but it was so wonderful. The less active member we had over began teaching what she knew to be true about the Plan of Salvation. She began answering Mel's questions and asking some of her own. What a neat way for us to all learn and grow together. That is what the church really is, a way for us to learn and grow together!

[Some of the pictures you'll see are from when we went to Lewis Strawberry Farm with Mel and Sister Abrams. Family we are so going there one day, my new favorite place!!!]

We had another great experience visiting a new convert, Debbie! She is a black lady in her 50's single, and a brand new member of our church. We went to teach a new member lesson, but before we could start she said "Hold up hold up, I don't wanna talk about that today. I got my owwwwn lesson to talk about!" We were excited to hear what she had. She pulled out her scriptures, her journal, and all the notes she had been taking and began telling us all the stories she had been learning about in the Bible and the Book of Mormon!! She was SO EXCITED about it! And that made us SO happy. I can't tell you the joy I feel when I see others rejoice the the gospel. It really does bring a joy unknown by the world. Miss Debbie had the biggest smile on her face. She was asked to share one of her favorite hymns for Mothers Day coming up [woohoo!] and she chose to share The Lord is My Shepherd. I believe it was taken from one of the Psalms, which is one of my favorite passages. I would invite you to read or listen to that hymn if you get the chance. And when you do think about Miss Debbie. Think about her excitement of the gospel. Think about that joy! I know that only the gospel can bring that happiness to us. I have experienced it so strongly. It reminds me of the chapters in 1 Nephi 8. Read that too. BEST EVER.

Lastly, on Saturday we had a ward talent show!! It was HILARIOUS! This is the greatest ward. Sister Gropp and I wrote a song about missionary work and Wilmington2nd ward, the Elders rapped and the youth joined in the last verse. It was legit. Sister Marshall recorded it when we ate dinner with her and is putting it on Youtube... Except she got the one with me rapping! Eek! It was inspired by Willy Vanilly... Milly Vannily... Villy Manilly.... Whoever those fakers were... hahaha I can never get the name straight. ;)

B-dawg how's all your sports and things going? How's school? How's young mens? How's LIFE?! haha Miss you bro!

Ken- Where's my letters. LOL just kidding I know you are busy. I just miss joking with you all the time! I have to stop quoting youtube videos and all our movies because literally nobody gets them and its killer! The Elders think I'm a wierdo, but Sister Gropp KNOWS I'm a wierdo! hahaha How's work? Liking the new job? How's life? How's the hometown? lol

Mom- So glad to hear about your missionary experiences. You are amazing. I am so grateful for you! How's work? How's scouts? How are you keeping up with the "vultures" and the hooligans in our hood? hahaha

Dad- Just got your email, I'll be excited to hear from ya. I wrote all your siblings today, tell them to watch for m my letters! I'll get moms family next week, I am just the slowest at writing letters, it takes up my entire Monday! Sorry! Bishop Pace and Sister Marshall may add you on FB to share some of the talents from the ward talent show. They'll give you some inspiration for Girls Camp, I thought of you the entire time! How's everything in the stake? Keeping busy I bet. How's work and everything?

Okay, I don't remember if I already asked you this or not, but could you send me some CDs? We have been listening to my singing and Jericho Road on repeat, you can imagine. haha So anything churchy, upbeat, no romantic lyrics would be fab! You da best!

I love you all so much!! Keep smiling!

-Sister Sicily Wilcock


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