February 24, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

Such a Great Week!

My heart is so full of gratitude and love right now! I am so grateful for so many miracles that have happened this week both here and back at home! I love you all so much!

So just a little update on our amazing friends!

Amad is doing super good!!!! We love him so much! He always makes our day better and he asks the best questions and is really working hard to study the Book of Mormon. He is studying it in Arabic and English right now. The only problem we have been having this week is that we have so many appointments we aren't able to get the joint teaches we need which is hard but not the worst problem to have! He came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it!!!! YAY!!!! He is such a miracle and blessing and I learn so much from him as we continue to teach and help him progress! Sammy (LA) and Stuart (investigator) both came to church yesterday as well!!!! We had a good lesson with them on Saturday and Stuart asked some more really good questions! We started the book of Mormon over with them so that is really good they are reading it together!!!! We seriously love them so much!!!! The sweetest couple and both are sincerely trying to work on their relationship with Heavebly Father! --With them and several others that we have started to teach this week we saw so many miracles! Our teaching pool has over doubled and we now have 2 progressing investigators which is a huge jump for this area not having any investigators a couple weeks ago! The work is just so amazing! Every day I see the Lords hand in it and even with all our appointments we are continuing to find those who are prepared. For example we talked to one of the bus drivers on the bus the other day and are going to go teach him and his wife this week!

Even though this week was super amazing! We had a couple of really hard days at the begining. One day in particular was extremely hard for both of us. It was quite emotional and dragged on and on. We had an appointent with a potential but she had forgotten. She was in so she brought us in and right then she jsut broke down and started balling. It was way crazy! We were just both hugging her until she calmed down and then she took us to the back into the kitchen to meet her friend Richard. We walk in to this gangster looking guy smoking out the back door and she was just way weird so we didnt really know what was going on but then she just started putting us to work and asking us to help with all these different things. She had Sister Allen cleaning her kitchen and sent me up in the attic in my skirt (I swear I thought she was going to trap me up there because she was just being weird but thank goodness she didn't). Then she put this apron on me and tied this mug to me and was trying to kick me out of the kitchen and kept telling me to go find Richard but I kept being like no, me and Sister Allen stay together! haha So she left and started balling again. She has been really sick and apparently Richard just met her or something and she was pretty much holding him hostage. He was way nice and just trying to help her and had given her a lift home from somewhere but she wouldn't let him leave. Seriously everytime he tried to go she just started balling. Then she was doing the same with us so we were all being held in this ladies house and all trying to help or do something! It was way wierd. Im pretty sure she was on something but we just all felt so bad and wierd. We got Richards contact information though and started to introduce the Book of Mormon to him so hopefully we can teach him! Anyways finally we escaped but we had a try by that was just up the street so we were trying to be all sneaky so she wouldn't see us. This try by was a potential we found but he had just smoked a bunch of cannibus and was way out of it. I just felt like falling to my knees and balling right there. We have a less active that lives on this same street and is really struggling as well. Within this time we saw so much trial and hardship. It really brought me down. I felt so much love for these people and knowing that the message that we share has so much healing and still people just look to the wrong sources and turn Christ away. I also got a tiny little glimpse of what Heavenly Father feels like when we , His children, do things to hurt him oursleves. It was quite hard. The next morning I had an amazing study though and was really able to learn so much from that day. Probably one of the biggest learning experiences I've had. It isn't really even possible to explain.

I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father! He knows us! He knows our successes and our struggles! He loves us beyond comprehension. He has prepared a way for us to find comfort, peace, love and truth in this life. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon helps us to open and unlock those treasures He has for us everyday. It is my source of power protection and truth as I step outside every morning. I know that this is true. I know my Savior lives. He knocks at the door and every day we can make the choice to let Him in.

Sister Moore


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