February 20, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

The Week of Lip Pointing

First I am going to explain my title :)

Okay.... so the lip pointing has started... I don´t know if all of you know but Dominicans ALWAYS use their lips to point to things and I have caught myself like more than 100 times doing it ALREADY this week. First it started out with me pointing my head, then it transferred to my lips haha. Whenever my hands are doing something or whenever I am too lazy to point I will use my lips. My comp and I are going to start counting how many times I do it during the week. I'll keep you all updated!

So this week was a great week! Hermana Shaw and I made the decision to knock on EVERY door that we passed regardless of the situation and we actually found some AWESOME people. We were so scared to do it, but when we took the decision, Heavenly Father and the Spirit helped us to do it. I am not going to say that I wasn´t stressed or frustrated because I had NO idea where to go, but it was amazing. It is NOT easy to try and find new people, but as I took 2 minutes to sit down and pray, Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I was able to find 2 new people like 2 minutes after that prayer! We shouldn´t get frustrated or upset when situations are rough because our Heavenly Father knows us better than we do. We need to stop ourselves, breathe, and say a little prayer THEN He will help and answer us.

Another experience that happened was when we were walking in the street and a lady stopped us. She asked us for 10 pesos (which isn´t a lot of money). Normally I would be willing to give it to her, but I had become a little bitter since my comp had had a bad experience. So I told her I didn´t have any and then her husband came up and asked again so I checked and I had some so I gave it to her and IMMEDIATELY she jumped up and down and gave me the toothiest smile (without all her teeth) and said, ¨Thank you! Now I can get home!¨ Wow.... I was humbled soooo fast! It was only 10 pesos that isn´t even like 50 cents in the US but it made her so happy because she could get back home to her house. What was my problem?? I have the name of Christ on my chest every day and I was not being very Christ-like. After this experience I was just filled with goosebumps and I have made a determination to be better.

Also another thing that I have learned this past week was that Heavenly Father puts me in paths that I can help when they need someone to listen to them. For example, this one lady´s friend had just died so I shared a scripture describing how Jesus Christ knows her pain. Then another man stopped us in the street. He had sad eyes so I stopped and listened to his story. The missionaries had stopped by his house before, but had stopped visiting him when his wife had just died. He told us that my comp and I had a Spirit about us and that he was going to come to our church one day. Something really cool that happened was that we found this really neat family that is AWESOME. They let us in right away and that day without us even asking them to come to church, they brought it up! I have found that when we have the Spirit with us people just automatically bring up coming to church. That shows just how important church is!

This week I challenge you all to be more Christ-like and invite a friend to church or to a church activity. I have a strong testimony that we as members of the church should be able to have the courage to help our non-member or less-active friends come to know this gospel. I know if we do so that we will be blessed and we will have more joy!

I love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

I attached pictures from our Zone conference where I saw my old comp Hermana Lopez and Hermana Cedeño, then I attached pics with my District and us at Square One (nacho place in Santiago) where I saw HERMANA WASDEN (WOOOOOHHHH), Hermana Stevens and a couple of other missionaries. We had so much fun :)


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