November 28, 2016


Puerto Plata


Hermana Lopez

A Real Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hope all is going well! This past week I actually had Thanksgiving! A member brought us sooo much food and turkey on Thanksgiving. I felt so much at home and felt like Heavenly Father blessed me personally that I could be in Puerto Plata for that. Also I got to hold a cute puppy! Heavenly Father knows that I miss my dogs so much. This week was a lot better and I am so grateful for that. Also my cold was not going away and only getting worse so I asked to get a priesthood blessing. After my blessing, I wasn´t healed all the way, but I felt so much better. I am so grateful that we have the priesthood here on the Earth so that all that are sick emotionally, spiritually, and physically can be healed!

Anyway I was reading in Helaman chapter 10 verses 3, 4, and 5 and I really liked what it said. This is what I learned- Nephi was trodden down for the iniquities of his people and was meditating in his heart about these people- When he was doing this, Heavenly Father told him that he was blessed. He did the will of the Father, preached unceasingly, didn´t fear, kept the commandments and Heavenly Father gave him power in his word, action and his faith. I love how Nephi was meditating about the people and doing everything in his power to save them and just about when he was ready to give up, Heavenly Father gave him peace. We as missionaries and as members need to do the same. We need to be concerned for all of our brothers and sisters and do everything in our power and Heavenly Father is going to help us. He will give us strength in our words and actions and we need not fear!

Also I had a really sweet experience on Sunday. There is this member named Elsa that is very rich, but so kind. Her mother is really old and we went to talk with her. She was asking me if I had a husband or a boyfriend and when I told her no she was like, ¨That´s weird. You´re so beautiful and you should have one.¨ All of her mind isn´t there so I don´t know what she was talking about haha. Anyway, as we were sitting there and she was staring at me I just felt an overwhelming amount of love for her. I felt Heavenly Father telling me how much He loves her. Her soul is so precious. Then we sang and she sang with us. It was so precious and I am never going to forget it. We are all precious in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Never forget that.

I love you all,
Hermana Maikoski

I attached pictures of me with a little kid named Ian.


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