September 12, 2016




Hermana Hall

Long time no talk!

Hey everyone! So sorry about last week. I was in Santiago and didn't have time to write. I'm gonna catch you guys up though, don't worry.

Last week my comp and I started a purification. We fasted for 24 hours and then we wrote down things that we could give up to feel the spirit more strong and then we started getting more results. We started finding people that were ready for the Gospel. It was so crazy. We now have four people with baptism dates. Most of them are youth and then Irkania still. We have one whose name is Leo. He made a compromise with us. If he doesn't get his answer whether our church is the true church in 2 weeks he won't be baptized. He said he was going to do everything in his power to know if it is true or not aka (read scriptures- every day for an hour, pray, go to church). Then we have Bryan and he is so ready. The first lesson we had with him we just answered his questions about the church and we are pretty sure he is going to be baptized soon. He loves the gospel so much. Also last week we tried liver and Yaroa (fries, cheese, meat, ketchup, and mayonnaise). They were both actually pretty good haha. Then we had a mutual with the youth because they weren't doing them. We made cookies and now the members are like obsessed with them haha. Another cool experience was when I was at an investigators house. Her name is Rosana. At first she didn't understand me because I talk so quiet and then I was explaining the Book of Mormon to her. The Spirit told me to just testify of the Book of Mormon and in that moment the traffic was so quiet. She said that she understood me perfectly. She said that she felt this swelling in her heart every time we went to her house. It was so amazing.

Now for this week, we had intercambios on Tuesday. I was with a Latina comp, Hermana Yanes. She is from Guatemala. I attached a picture. It was so fun and I loved speaking Spanish the whole day. She was so sweet and we had so much fun. Then we had a service project at Irkania's mom's house. She is going to build her own house. We had to travel maybe 30 minutes in a truck and a lot of youth came. Actually it was probably one of the most successful meetings/activities I have ever had in Jarabacoa. I just found out how much I love the youth. I have grown to love them so much and it's so cool because we have reactivated most of our menos activos (less active) youth. Which is awesome because my patriarchal blessing says that I will help bring the youth back to the church and help their testimonies to grow. I took a pic with two now reactivated less-active Young Women (Brenda and Ileen). They just got called to be in the YW's presidency because there aren't enough members to do that. Anyway, on the way down to Irkania's mom's house we were passing drinks and crackers to each other from the back of the truck and it was fun. At Irkania's mom's house we shoveled a lot of dirt, cooked rice, beans, and meat (like Dominican's do) and then they went to the river (attached a picture of that). We went with them and found a really cool bridge (which I attached a picture of). We didn't get back until like 6 so that was bad, but it was good to do service for Irkania and her mom.

Now for the spiritual part-
In Alma chapter 31 it talks about how Alma and his brothers go on a mission to save the Zoramites. When they get to Antionum, they see that the Zoramites weren't keeping the commandments. They had built synagogues and built a tower that was called a Rameumptom. They offered up the same prayer and only did this once a week and never thought about God again. They were prideful. When Alma saw this, his heart literally ached and he offered up a very powerful prayer to God in verses 31-35. Then in 36, he blesses them. Next in 38, the Lord provided for them because of Alma's faith. We should not only think about the gospel, Heavenly Father, or Jesus Christ once a week because then we will forget our purpose and forget who created us. Also, we need to be worried about the welfare of other peoples souls. As a missionary, that is all we do. Our hearts literally ache and we pray with the same kind of faith that Alma had.

I love you all and miss you,
Hermana Maikoski


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