March 20, 2017


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


SIster Tait

Almost there

Hey everybody! This week was kind of slow, Sister Tait was sick almost all week and we were snowed in! Of course, that gave me a lot of time to think about my life, but the Lord has given me a lot of comfort and peace. I'm excited to go hard in the last ten days!

We had a lesson with the Lilly family this week. They are a part member family, who we have been teaching on and off. We really love them, but they have a hard time understanding the need for a Restoration. We taught the lesson again and it was like the whole world clicked for them. YAY Holy Ghost. They both agreed to be baptized and Sister Lilly, the non member, said a prayer at the end of the lesson that said, "Thank you Lord, for showing us that this church is where you want us to be." Hurray for Prayer! Hurray for Christ!

Also, last night, Dora Aipa called us and she was extremely upset. They didn't come to church because their house flooded, and instead of trying to fix the problem, Dora locked herself in her bedroom and cried. God bless. So, we put on our Relief Society pants and grabbed everything in our cupboards, drove over to the Aipa's house, pulled Dora out of her room, put on Aprons, and I began to clean and Sister Tait began to make dinner. She made delicious chicken alfredo and I cleaned floors and scrubbed moldy dishes. We set the table and forced the boys to get off of their video games and come say family prayer before dinner. We ate, and taught a lesson, and Dora just cried and cried. Sometimes it doesn't matter that you can't change someone's behavior, or the way their lives are, but you can bring in the spirit and love them.

God is so good and I am thrilled to see the miracles that will happen in the coming week.
Love you all!


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