March 13, 2017


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


SIster Tait

Short and sweet

This email will be short due to lack of time and energy.

This Tuesday I went on exchanges with Hermana Fish and I got to do Spanish work for a whole day. That was really wonderful, I felt like areal missionary, walking around the ghetto while it rained, having no idea how to speak the language.... what an adventure.

This week I met Jeremy Harvey. Family, you saw him in the videos. He is a miracle and it was literally life-changing to meet him. he's a 25 year old with Cerebral palsy who is an actual prodigy on the piano. his hands are almost entirely crippled, but when he puts them on the piano, they just melt into the keys and he can play anything. He's 95% blind, and all of his original compositions and all the songs he knows just come right from his brilliant mind. he and I got along very fast, and I can't wait to hang out with him when I get home. He's from Logan, Utah. He was adopted from Taiwan as an infant and has been paying Beethoven since age three. We spent Wednesday, Thrusday, and Friday night learning from him and hearing his experiences. He is a blessing!!!

Sister Tait and I aren't really allowed to go over to Ashley's anymore. Something bad happened. We are really sad.

Katie and Nick have, like, disappeared of the face of the earth. which is also sad.

We had to do a lot of cleaning out this week, but we are really excited to find more investigators AFTER the snow-storm. Haha.
I love you all!

Proverbs 3:5-6


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