February 6, 2017


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


SIster Tait

Group Scoop

Being a missionary is HARD.
Being a missionary leader is HARD.
This week, Sister Tait spent 50% of our time taking care of the Sister missionaries in Lancaster that were having a crises. We had to go on a few exchanges and we spent hours on the phone with them. We're spending lots of time in helping other missionaries. It is part of my calling and it means a great deal to me so I hope they are feeling my love and our Savior's love.

On Thursday night, we stopped by a part member family that we taught a few weeks ago. The Colons are a family from Puerto Rico who make amazing food. We went over and for some reason Satan kept trying to get me to think that it wasn't a good night to teach them. I know why now, we started to teach the Restoration and the spirit hit like a brick. The mom, Linda, was listening very intently. She is not a member but you can tell the message of Joseph Smith resonated with her. then, Ivanna, the 13 year old, interrupted us in the middle of teaching the Apostasy, of all things, and said, "My friends all talk about Baptism. What's baptism? Can I get baptized?" ........... Woah. It was so powerful. Then, her younger sister, who is 8, chirped up and agreed that she wanted to be baptized as well. They all committed to pray about Joseph Smith and to be baptized. Getting them to church is going to be the real trick. But such a miracle.

I went to the temple on Friday. I never want to take the temple for granted. It was a powerful temple trip, like none I've ever had. I literally felt like the heavens were opened to me.

Ryan and Navaeh are still on track to be baptized! They passed their interviews last night and we have the baptism all planned out for this Saturday! Hurray!!!
God is good! Love you all!


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