January 30, 2017


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


SIster Tait

Doing good

Hey everybody!

The weeks are going by fast. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it.
-We taught the Aipa Family again this week and we love them so much.
- Elder Oaks and his crew changed the schedule for the missionaries. This means a lot of things, but mostly it means that Sister Tait and I can no exercise later in the day, which means FRISBEE.
- Ashley still refuses to come to church
-We had a whopping SEVEN people attend Book of Mormon class this week.
-We picked up a new investigator! her name is Zorida and she is SUPER catholic, but understood the apostasy perfectly. We are going to go teach her again in an hour. YAY for people to teach!
- I had my interview with President this week. I bought him a Subway sandwich because that man never eats, and while he ate his sandwich, we talked about the ministry of angels and the doctrine of the Holy Ghost and about Spiritual gifts. It was lovely. I love that man.
- Sister Tait and I were asked to instruct in fifth Sunday. They wanted us to talk about the importance, from our point of view, of home teaching. We laid it down..:) We felt like Elder Holland. It was awesome.
- Quote from Ryan's little sister, Navaeh:
"When we lived with God before this life, we didn't have a body. We just had a head."

Remember, tomorrow the Lord will do WONDERS among us!! Love you all!


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