January 23, 2017


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


SIster Tait

Lovin' it!

It's been a week full of miracles, yet again!

I was ill all day on Wednesday, but I sprang back up on Thursday and we went out and worked.

We met the Aipa family, who haven't been to church in a long time. Dora is a single mom and she has 4 kids living with her. Only the older two have been baptized. we talked to them for a long while about church and they shrugged and said they would try to make it. Well, we were not having that. So, we went back over on Saturday night and we walked in with pants on, and I told Sister Aipa that we were going to clean her house and set out church clothes for her whole family and set all their alarms for them so they would have no reason not to come to church. It was very challenging to clean this house. I have never seen so much mold in my life. I think I washed over 300 dishes. After all this, Sister Aipa ordered pizza and we sat down in their dining room, (which I had mopped, thrown away an entire broken table, scrubbed the walls...) and Sister Aipa turned to us and said, "My head has never been this clear in years. Who knew what a clean house could do?" Serving people is a great way into their heart:) We talked about baptism as we ate pizza and we told Sister Aipa that she could break the vicious cycle her life has been in by becoming active in the church again, and helping her children get to baptism. She agreed. We set a date for Keirsten and Tori to get baptized on March 4.
AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH. They rolled in with their clean clothes and everyone in the ward positively doted over the kids. They felt so Welcome and Sister Aipa texted us after church and said she was "insanely glad" that they came. We are going over there tonight to teach them the Restoration.

Everyone else is doing well, nothing too exciting to report. Ryan and his family came to church and we taught them the Plan of Salvation last night. It was amazing. Ahsley is still reading, and still lets us come over, but is still afraid of church. Jessica and her kids aredoing well. There is SO much work to be done here! I hope I can keep up with it all!
Have a good week, everyone!!


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