January 2, 2017


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

A dooosy!

I knew this week would be a little wild, but I had no idea how bad it would get.

On Monday night, Elder Ashby called Sister Hamblin and I and told us that I was going to, instead of being shipped off to Hanover, which is an hour and a half away, be in Greencastle with Sister Botchway. I shouted for joy because this meant I was only moving from Chambersburg 1st ward to Chambersburg 2nd ward. Which meant I was still going to see my old ward a lot, still be in my zone, and be with a companion I already knew and loved.

Everything was perfect.

I said many goodbyes, but most of them were "see you soon" because I knew I would see most members on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Running on about 4 hours of sleep from the past two nights combined, I came into the Greencastle apartment, said a sad goodbye to Sister Hamblin, and told Sister Botchway I was going to sleep. I slept until about noon and then we went out and worked. That day was amazing. It almost made me forget being sad about Sister Hamblin and Sister Bartschi. We met with an investogator, picked up two new investigators, and taught a Part-Member family. We planned a baptism that we were going to have on Sunday, and I was beyond thrilled that I had come into an area where there was so much work to be done. I fell on my knees and thanked my Heavenly Father for an area where I would be excited to go out and work, a companion who I instantly got along with like no other companion before, and the opportunity I had to still be in my favorite Zone.

On Friday morning, I got a call from president and he told me he was giving sister Botchway and I 180 miles to on an emergency exchange. Sister Kelly, in Hanover, was really upset and was near breaking point and she just wanted to be with me. So we drove the hour and a half to Hanover and I sat Sister Kelly down and we talked for a long time and she cried on my lap. She has a lot of hard health problems and she hasn't been getting any sleep. So, we organized some things and talked about diligence and being wise. I spent all day Friday and Saturday with her, and then came back on Saturday night, New Year's, to play games and hang out with Julie and Keith and the crew.

Sunday was wonderful. Our investigators came to church, one of them agreed to be baptized at the end of this month. I saw everyone form 1st ward and they all ran up and hugged me and thanked the Lord that I wasn't sent too far and I felt the same way. I felt an over pouring of love from these people, my favorite ward on my entire mission. Since we don't proselyte on New Years Day, I went back and FINALLY unpacked all my suitcases and put everything away and just was so happy and at peace.

Then, Elder Cornejo called and told me I needed to pack up all my things because I was going to be shipped off to Elizabethtown, PA in two days. And I pretty much lost it.
There were a lot of things that caused this meltdown, but I think I am tired of packing and cleaning and not getting any sleep and I have to do it all over again. I'm sad that I have to leave this ward and area after falling in love with it so quickly and easily, I'm sad I have to leave my new companion who I love so dearly, I'm sad I didn't get to say a real goodbye to anyone in my last ward. I believe that the Lord has a plan, it's just hard for me to see it right now. By faith we are led. These words from Joseph Smith bring me hope.

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the earth break forth into singing."

Love you all!


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