November 21, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holla for a dolla everyone. this week was greeeat.

On Monday, after like 5 hours of Ultimate Frisbee, Sister Chugg started our exchange with donuts and classy Mexican food, then we went out and slayed the world together like old times.

On Tuesday, we knocked on this door and ended up having this 40 min conversation with an Atheist. It was pretty rad, except he thinks Jesus is pretty not real. Which He definitely is. So it was really cool to testify and feel the spirit take control of the situation. at the end, the man told us he appreciated the good we were doing in in the world. It was nice to hear.

on Tuesday night, we went to the local food bank that we volunteer at weekly and it was the best. there is actually nothing that makes me happier than giving Thanksgiving happiness to people who need it. I was passing out loaves of freshly baked banana bread and it was so humbling to see how excited people got about banana bread. One lady even looked up at me with light shining in her eyes, and said, "It's been years since I've had banana bread." It was the coolest. Jeff, who runs this food bank, and us, have gotten pretty tight. He said he's be willing to hear our message sometime and he said he'd buy us Mexican food while we taught him. We're pretty darn pumped about it.
Later that night, Chugg-a-lugg and I went to Sam and Fawn's house. It was a crazy town. I have never been in that house where there has been so much contention. Sam was yelling at the two toddlers, who were throwing and wrestling and screaming, Fawn was legit yelling at Keagan for no reason, and Keagan cried in the corner and Sister Chugg and I just kind of sat there. After a while of trying to get everyone's attention, I gave up and Just turned on the "He Lives" Mormon message to see if any of them would watch. Keagan stopped crying and come over to the TV, and watched it all with wide eyes. he paid attention to it even though everyone was still yelling and hitting and screaming. After it was over, he looked up at me with his little 7 year old face and said, "Wow! He lives!" it melted my heart. I started asking him questions about Jesus and about prayer, and he started crying again. He said, "I had a very hard day today and I am sad because I am not allowed to ask God for help because we aren't allowed to pray." and Fawn piped up and screamed, "Well, maybe you wouldn't have such hard days if you weren't such a headache to be around!" He started crying harder and I scooted over on my chair and told him to come sit by me. I put my arm around him and told him to close his eyes and only listen to me. I told him that Heavenly Father loved him and that he could say a prayer whenever he wanted, in his heart, and no one would hear him. He liked that and looked up at me and asked, "Can I say a prayer right now?" and I said yes. He began to pray and the whole room went really quiet. He gave a short little prayer that was something like "Dear God. I know you can be there for me if I ask. Please help me to be a better boy.
I love you. In the name of Jesus Christ amen." It melted my heart. I left feeling very frustrated with Keagan's parents, and then, the Relief Society President texted me, as if she had read my mind from 20 miles away and said, "I love Fawn Batzel. I hope you're seeing her. She has a hard life and she's trying the best she can." Wow. Talk about a humility pill from God right away. He loves us all!

Wednesday was CRAZY town. we got up super early and exchanged back. THEN WE WENT BACK TO MY HOME OF WALKERSVILLE FOR MLC.(Missionary Leadership council)
Don't let the name fool you. Sounds really sophisticated... but it was the most party day of my life. Every quarter we have a meeting with all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and the district leaders. Usually at this meeting we are trained on how to be better leaders, how to strengthen the mission, and how we can come closer to the Lord. President made the mistake of calling all the people who are going home the next two transfers to leadership positions and all of us are best friends. Let me paint you a picture. We walk into MLC and there is a clear divide (as always) in the room between elders and sisters. Sister Hamblin and I immediately ran to Elder Gehrke to tell him hello. Then we were all trapped in the sea of Elders and Sisters and it resembled that of a pit at a crazy concert. I'm pretty sure all of us were jumping up and down straight partying over the fact that we never see each other. This set the tone for the whole meeting. As all the Elders and Sisters took their seats we couldn't focus on anything but each other. Everyone was talking across the gym at one another, sending hand gestures or making funny jokes. You could actually see everyone head bobbing through out the whole meeting. Every break we took was called a 5 minute break and it always turned into 20 minute one. Easily the greatest meeting of my life. We were happy to see each other.
But all jokes aside, I was spiritually fed and We also become really good friends with our zone leader who we have had lots of struggles with lately. Our problems were solved when I went all sassy pants on him and told him to cut out the crap. We are friends now. I have seen the mission culture completely change for the better in the Maryland Baltimore Mission and I am so glad for it.

SO PUMPED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! love you all. have a good Thanksgiving!


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