November 1, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

Good week!

Hey Everybody!
This week was kind of crazy, lots of teaching appointments fell through and the week felt long.
Tuesday was great. We had a training with all the missionaries in our zone, and Sister Hamblin and I trained on Weekly planning and teaching the Restoration. The missionaries loved it and it was a lot better than our last Zone training.

That night, we exchanged companions and I was with Sister Kelly. Sister Kelly has been out for about 6 weeks and she's very quiet. We get along just swimmingly, we spent the night discussing Harry Potter and drinking tea. My kind of human:) But that night we taught a lesson to a less active member and her son, Keagan. We taught the plan of Salvation and Sister kelly asked Keagan to close his eyes and imagine what heaven will be like. He closed his eyes and took the question very seriously. "What do you see?" Sister Kelly asked him. He immediately opened his eyes and said with all the joy in his heart, "SOUTH AMERICA." His mom and I died and sister Kelly just stared at him in dismay. kids are the best. His mom, Fawn, really opened up to us about why she hates God and can't pray to Him. Things like this make your heart shatter, as a missionary. People who have been so torn and broken by the world that they refuse to see the light. It's heartbreaking.

I also burned a skirt this week because it was my year mark. It felt like some weird ritual and it was too cold so we just went inside and ate Doritos instead.

Saturday was crazy. We spent almost all day doing service. We showed up around 8 am to a less actives home that we had never met. They were moving. They had to be out TODAY. they didn't have a single thing packed or done. Dishes, laundry and then some! I think she may be have been hoarder house. Lots of members from the ward showed up and we all went crazy. Hamblin and I were in charge of the kitchen. I've never touched more foreign substances in my life and I've never thrown away more things without permission in my life, either. It was exhausting work and it was a miracle that we finished it all by around 2 pm.

Saturday night was the Trunk or Treat and I spent my entire 2 hours next to the Orr family, who had decorated their trunk like a magic candy shop, was playing the Harry Potter soundtrack, they were all dressed up as HP characters, and were handing out treats like Double Chocolate Cauldron Cakes and Chocolate Frogs and Bernie botts every flavor beans. Favorite People ever.

Sunday was definitely the best day by far. Bronwyn came to church and brought her WHOLE family, including her Atheist husband. They loved sacrament a lot.

Here goes the best part of my week.
I'm sitting there in Sacrament, listening to one of the greatest talks I have heard about the Sabbath day, thanking the Lord that Bronwyn came to church with her family, ALREADY on cloud nine, and then my heart leaps into my throat. In walks Christopher Abraham, in a navy blue suit and a smile as wide as the ocean and he comes and sits right next to me. I melted. ELDER ABRAHAM CAME BACK TO VISIT. I was so happy to see him and It was all I could do not to shout for joy in the middle of sacrament. We talked and talked and talked. He is doing really well back at home and he's dating and working and he's happy. He is a joy. Such a great friend.

Later that day, we did another Facebook live and we spent a lot of time working in Shippensburg. With all the meetings and other things that we get roped to do down in Chambersburg, we always really cherish the days we actually get to work in our little town of Shippensburg. It is always my favorite to testify. That is probably what brings me the most joy on my mission, testifying.
That's all for this week, Ladies and gents. Stay warm and Love the Lord!


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