October 10, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

no transfers for us and miracles:)

Wow. Being a missionary is the most emotionally taxing thing I have ever done.

It was a good week. We were so blessed to see some miracles in our area.

On Monday night we taught this sweet old lady named Becky, who lives across the street from a member. She was very nice and gave us snicker doodles to much on as we talked about Prophets and the Priesthood. The spirit was really strong when we taught about the First Vision, and she said that she felt it. We then asked her to act on these feelings, and to be baptized. She smiled and said, "Well girls, I really like all these things you;re telling me, but I've been a Lutheran my whole life and I will never change that. I'm sorry for wasting your time."
That's always hard to see as a missionary, because you see the power of the Holy Ghost work in them, but no matter how great they feel about the message, they still have their agency.

On Tuesday night we went over to Fawn's house, the one who came to conference, and we taught her 6 year old son and read the Book of Mormon. He doesn't really like me for some reason and always growled whenever I started talking. It was pretty funny. So, only sister Hamblin spoke that whole lesson. She did great. But at the end, Keagan gave the prayer and he prayed that Jesus would have a happy new year and that He would come to the pumpkin patch with Keagan. Kids are the best!!

On Wednesday morning, Sister Hamblin and I looked ahead at our Loooong day of finding, and we were kind of discouraged, I said, "Sister Hamblin, do you want to call all these potential investigators while I cry in the corner?" and so she did. not one of my finer moments.while I was being a very noncontributing member of our companionship, and as Sister Hamblin was getting a "not interested" at almost every phone call, a miracle happened. She called a man named Brett, who had run into Elders a few years ago, agreed to meet us on campus THAT DAY. We were excited. But It kind of felt like a blind date because we didn't know who we were looking for. He walked up to us and said, "Hi, I'm Brett." He was wearing a Star Wars hoodie and he had glasses on that made his eyes 50 times bigger than they are. He's great. We taught him the Restoration and I have never taught anyone in my life who has asked better questions. It so much fun to teach people who have genuine questions, like, "So, what happens if you get the Priesthood and you don't keep the commandments later down the line. do you get your Priesthood removed?" Fabulous questions like that. he was excited to read the BOM and he said he would call us in one week to let us know how his reading went. We are really hoping he does. It felt good to teach someone like that.

On Thursday morning we had an amazing experience. We taught one of our favorite member's best friends, Bronwyn. I have never met anyone more prepared to receive the gospel in my whole life. After everything we taught, she said, "wow. This feels so right. This is what I've been looking for. This is my church." she agreed to be baptized and we are working things out with her busy schedule to set up appointments and a baptism. She has 3 kids and she wants them all to come to Primary. FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER. Sister Hamblin and i cried with Joy. SEE, EVERYONE?? I TOLD YOU THERE WERE PREPARED SOULS IN SHIPPENSBURG!!! WE JUST HAD TO FIND THEM!!

anyway. time is short. I go home in like 6 months so I still have a long time to work hard. Yay.
Love you all.


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