October 3, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

Wash, Rinse, Repeat..with hope

Heyyyy Everyone.
This week was PRETTY MUCH the same as last week.
I went on exchanges to Hanover, PA this week. It was great. The missionary I was with was about 4 weeks old and she was still figuring things out. We went to this lady's house and she fed us probably the nastiest meal I have ever eaten on my mission. It was called "Orange fluff" and it just tasted like mandarin oranges and cool whip and soy sauce were put in a blander together than served in a bowl in front of me. So great. :P

On Wednesday night, we had our big correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and the Bishop and all Auxiliary leaders and Ward Missionaries. We went first, talking about some of the less actives we have seen lately, and some people we are hoping we could teach soon. Then, the Elders whipped out a really long list of investigators and people to teach and it was probably the most maddening moment of my life. I was about ready to lose my mind, when a really cool child of God decided to speak up and say, "Wow, Sisters, maybe you should take a few pointers from the Elders so you can build your teaching pool." I ALMOST LOST my cool. the Elders are wonderful, however, and Elder Abraham quickly defended our honor. "The sisters are working really hard. They have a lot of crap to wade themselves out of because of the last sisters who were here. Things will turn up for them soon." Love them. But on the way home, we were still angry. We were the good kind of angry, the kind of angry that made us want to work our butt off. So we made plans to do just that. Thursday was going to be a long day of tracting and finding and we are GOING to find someone to teach, gosh darn it!

......... Thursday was rainy and cold and we did what we said we would do. We tracted and contacted potentials and walked out in the rain, trying to talk to as many people as we could. and at the end of the day??? Nothin. But that is ok...keep going,keep working.

Friday, we went over to less Actives home. her name is Fawn. She has an 18 year old brother named Colton who lives with her in this little, unkempt house. He was baptized when he was nine but neither him nor Fawn have been to church since. We sat on their dirty couch and Fawn sat on the floor. Colton was on the other couch with his friend, Cordell. We started talking to them and I don't think I have ever been so bold in my entire life. Maybe it was the frustration of having no one to teach, or maybe it was because Alec is their age and it hurt me to see them like this. They were smoking and dropping f bombs left and right. Sister Hamblin turned to Colton and said, "Colton, why don't you come to church." He said, "because church is too early and I never get anything out of it." I 'm not sure why this response came to me so fast and I probably could have said it with a little more charity, sometimes I just say things, but I said, "That's garbage. You haven't been to church since you were NINE. and I doubt you would miss out on the opportunity to go to church if you knew how important it was." He just smiled and said, "maybe you're right. But I ain't goin to church. It's a waste of time." and I responded with, "Well, I'm sure It won't seem like such a waste of time when you are standing before God." we went back and forth and he agreed to come to church. We invited him to come watch general conference and he said, "That sounds gay." but as persistent as Sister Hamblin and I are, we found a ride for both Fawn and Colton to come to General conference. and Colton came. In a button down blue shirt and everything. We were so excited and even more so when he actually LISTENED and didn't even pull out his phone once. He even admitted afterward that he liked it. YAY!!!! We are hoping he comes to church this week and really sees a need to make his life better. We are now friends:)

Anyway. We have a few appointments set up this week so we are really hoping this is the week we can pick up some people to teach. I know, however that the Lord has a plan and we are just a part of that plan. This is the truth. I love Elder Ballard's talk and I would invite you all to look at your own conversion and realize there is no where else you would rather be, than on the Old Ship Zion, sailing forward with JOY.
Love you all.


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