August 29, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock

This greenie is not so much a greenie anymore..yikes!

Oh wow. This week was just something else. I guess I'm getting Shipped off to Pennsylvania so that's cool. Bye-bye Emerald City. I'm looking forward to new work and new comps:)

Yep so on Wednesday we went and helped Katie Urso clean up her lice infested house. That was pretty cool. I've never felt that type of fear before.
We did not get lice. #Protection

We went on exchanges this week and I hung out here in Ellicott with Sister Hokafonu. She's from Tonga and she's exactly like Kuulei. I adore her. We had a lot of fun and it was great to be around someone who talks like a ratchet girl. This reminded me of when I used to talk like that. oh how I've grown. This is a pic of us two with Hermana Casas. Who gave us lots of food. Hispanics are the greatest people alive.

This week we went tracting in our new area that was added on after the ward boundaries changed, and we got rejected so hardcore by EVERYONE. Even the small cute lap dogs that were on a walk with their owners reviled us. As we slumped into the car with sadness, I turned to Sister Bullock and said, "Nothin' but net out here!!!" lol

We were walking into our apartment this morning and we heard this screaming noise coming from a tree. We see this squirrel up in a tree shrieking at us over and over. Of course, I knew the squirrel was speaking to me, because this has happened to me before. After a few moments of conversing with this squirrel, I start to walk away and Sister Bullock asks, "Wait, Sister Sanborn, do you think he's okay?" with a DEAD serious concerned face. I just stared at her for like 20 seconds and then said, "Well, Sister Bullock what would you do if he wasn't okay? Would you call the fire department and tell them you see a squirrel stuck up in a tree?" and she was like "Yeah! and I'd also tell them that he sounds really scared!!" ......... some people's children.haha it was pretty funny. we laughed!
Yeah well that's about it, folks.
I'm sure I'll have more to say next week. LOVE YOU!

From mother:) **Savanna's birthday is September 22 and I bet she would love to hear from you. Her address is not going to change for now, so if you want to send her some sweet birthday wishes, you can send them to 4785 Dorsey Hall Dr. Ste105 Ellicott City, MD 21042**
Thanks for thinking of her. I love you for it<3


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