August 15, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock


This week was very low-key, compared to the last few weeks.
My three favorite parts of this week were as follows:
1) When we met this old black man outside of a cafe in West Baltimore and we got into a really intense conversation. While he sipped his mocha, he went on a rant about how all the terror and the racism ad the hate in the world make him believe that there IS no God. We bore testimony and I made a point of telling him, there is a lot of bad in the world, yes, but there is also a lot of good. He then said, "Lemme ask you something. How many races are there in the Earth??" Me, thinking this is a trap, says, "Uh....... a lot??" and he says, "WRONG! There is one ONE human race!!! And THAT right there, that answer you gave me, is why prejudice is ripping apart our nation!!" We talked about that for a while and then he told us he wrote poetry. I told him, I love poetry. and he says, "Oh you'll like this, then." He then closes his eyes and stands up and begins to say in his loud rich voice,"Have we forgotten, America?? Have we forgotten the names and the faces, the faces of those who have died and loved and fought for us? We were bleeding in in a hell, can you tell, then they tried to break the spell on the buses and the streets and in the courthouses. Will the names of Rosa Parks and Malcom X and Martin Luther ring a BELL?" (I wrote the first part down right after he said it and that's why I remember) and it went on and on. It was beautiful. B-more has the coolest people.

2) Tina came to church and after sacrament she pulls us aside and says, "You know, ladies, I've been praying and fasting about this baptism thing, and you know what, I'm still thinking about it, but it seems right. Sister Sanborn told me y'all were having a baptismal service on the 27th... me and my family were going to go on a vacation that week but I might just have to move that around."
We were like ?!??!?!?!? Tina is golden. She is praying and fasting (?!?!) about her decision to be baptized, she is making her own friends at church and we don't have to baby her, AND she's willing to do anything to follow the spiritual path the Lord has for her. I wanna be like Tina when I grow up. She's my favorite person I've taught on my mission so far. We are going to the Washington D.C. Visitor's Center with her on Wednesday and we are way excited!

3) Sister Bullock has had a fever these past few days so we've been inside. I've been painting and eating cookies and she has been mumbling weird prophesies as she's been doped up on Nyquil. My personal favorite is when she told me she had a dream where Elder Tharp went home and legally changed his first name to Elder. lol
That's all for this week. So happy Shelbie is home <3


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