August 1, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock

Poison ivy and floods and miracles.

Hey everybody! Pretty sure my mission has just been a Serious of unfortunate Natural disasters... but what do you do?

We had a lesson with Karen this week, a lady who has been avoiding us forever. I felt like we should try one last time, and I'm glad we did. she answered the door and her house was reeeeally dark and filled with sadness. You could feel it in the air. She sat down and told us her husband had died a few days ago. It was really sad but weird as she talked to us about it she simultaneously held her wine glass and a tissue and a cigarette. God Bless her. Sister Bullock, after we talked to her, did what she always does and got right down to business and told her she needed to change her life and find the peace that is in the gospel and she needed to stop seeking solace in alcohol and tobacco. Dang. I kind of just sat there but Karen was humbled and she agreed. We are going back to teach her today. Hooray for a bold companion!

We taught Tina again on Wednesday, the hottest day of my life. This heat is the worst. everrr. But the lesson was good. We watched the Restoration video and Tina loved it. She is progressing swimmingly and we hope to put her on date for baptism this week!

Yeah, so, the poison Ivy story. we went to go weed in a single lady's garden, and she pointed out a patch in the corner of her yard not to go near because there was poison ivy. Great! But no sooner than we started, we realized that... alll... of her garden was poison ivy. I reacted immediately to it, my chest and arms and ankles breaking out into bright red blisters! YAY! Sister Bullock woke up the next morning with it all over her legs. We spent waay too long in and out of Urgent cares this weekend. They gave us steroids but I'm not about that life...hahaha so I've just been using lavender oil. It's mostly gone now and it doesn't itch too bad. Also, people will tell you that if you have poison ivy, you are contagious. They are liars.

After the trip to the urgent care, we decided to have a lemonade stand with all the youth, handing out free lemonade and books of Mormon! It was a huge success and a lot of fun, until The park ranger came and told us it was unlawful to be proselyting our religion in a state park. Boo! It was a blast.

That night is when the rains came. and then floods. It didn't stop. We just so happened to be in one of the heaviest affected areas at the time, and we were stuck at the Rosenquist's home for 5 hours, two of those hours were us shoveling buckets of water out of their basement. It was a pretty real experience. Adrenaline out the wazoo.


Our ward boundaries got changed. We are losing a lot of our dear friends, which is really hard. BUT!
By some ironic trick of fate, we are in the same boundaries as Ana and John again. our Puerto Rican family. We can't wait to go over and tell them.
yay for Jesus! yay for dry land and lavender oil and JESUS!


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