July 25, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock

Busy little bee

It has been the craziest week of my life. #nosleep #nofood #somuchJesus

It has been so busy that I haven't even had time to write down what I want to say in this group email. So this is straight up memory right now.
Tuesday: Spent all day at Johns Hopkins and all night packing. Yaaay.
Wednesday: Spent all morning packing and organizing and throwing things away. Except when I went to say goodbye to Sister Bindrup and Elder De Leon. :( They went home this week. And now Sister Bindrup is emailing me all about her great life. HAHAH BEING A MISSIONARY IS BETTER HAHAHAH..... *trunky sobs* but anyway

Around 4 on Wednesday, we met our investigator, Tina, at the church and we decided to have a church tour with Mary, the Assistant's recent convert. She was the best member we could have asked for, she was in a very similar boat as Tina before her baptism, not really wanting to be baptized, being raised as a strong baptist and such. Mary had just had her baptism a few days earlier and was able to bear a very powerful testimony of the restored gospel RIGHT as we were standing next to the baptismal font. We asked Tina to be baptized again and instead of saying no she said, "Hmmm. You know what? The Lord is workin on me right now. I'll get back to you on that"
It was cool because she was so against it at first. She loved the church tour and kept saying things like, "You know what. I think I belong here, this is all like Deja- vu!"
She loved it. Afterwards, we went over to Sister Simcik's house, who lives right across the street, and Siter Simcik is literally the typification of a 40's house wife. I loved it so much. She was wearing her fluffy skirt and she brought out iced herbal tea on a crystal platter and we sat on her plush couches and she buzzed around and said things like "Oh my dear gracious don't you all look positively RAVISHING.. this afternoon goodness it is SO warm outside I could just wither away I thought this refreshment would be perfect and let me know if you need more ice cubes I made them myself out of this special lemon water... and this is my perfect cat his name is mooch please don't touch him he just got groomed this morning... isn't it such a lovely day to gather as dear sisters of the Lord?"
I thought Tina would get scared away.
She wasn't. They got along great. We all sat down and read 2 Nephi and tina kept saying things like "This is spooky. This is REAL spooky. I'm getting all these powerful feelings and I keep feeling like I need to get baptized again. I keep feeling like a lost sheep who is comin home." It was a wonderful lesson. She committed to come to Marcia's baptism and to come to church. She came to both! :) She loved the baptism, she said it was "Holy" and she LOVED church. She sat by Mary in all three meetings and they could not be more perfect together. She loved Relief society especially, because the lesson was on lost sheep. #inspired. We are meeting with her on Wednesday again and she said, "I can't wait for Wednesday. I can't wait to talk about church." Tina is amazing!

Anyway, on Wednesday night, we taught Marcia her final lesson and she had her baptismal interview. It was wonderful and she passed with flying colors! It's super funny, because her member friend who invited her to church in the first place, she had been playing a trick on him all week that we were in on... She kept saying things like, "Ed! I'm so excited to get baptized! I didn't realize how many rules there were though.. so I'm breaking as many as I can until Saturday!! I'm going to sleep around with a few of my guy friends and I actually bought 6 bottles of wine last night and I've never tried cigarettes before but it's now or never!!"And He totally believed her so he has been freaking out ALL week like, "Marcia!! No!!! that's not the point!! I'm so confused why you are doing that because you've never done any of those things in your life!!!" Haha. Kind of mean, but I thought it was hilarious. Especially because if you know Marcia, you know how Classy, ladylike, and put together she is, so you can't even imagine her doing any of those things. That wild card:) Her baptism was great, though. Everything kind of fell through as far as speakers and an interpreter for Ed (he's deaf) like 1 hour before the baptism started but we just kind of rolled up our sleeves and ran around like a crazy person calling people and bossing people around because my life would literally not be my own without copious amounts of last minute chaos. the baptism itself was fabulous. Marcia felt great and everything went great and our ward was so supportive and came and participated. she received the Holy ghost yesterday and she definitely had a bounce in her step. This church is so darn true!!

Danielle told us she didn't want to come to church anymore and she didn't want us to come over anymore. I got in the car after she told us and we tried to reason/testify to her for an hour and I was about ready to SNAP because I feel like I have put blood sweat and tears into this woman and she can never really commit. Sister Bullock got in the car and after a few minutes of sitting in silence, Sister Bullock said, "You know, there are hundreds of people in our area who would do anything for the truth that Danielle is so complacent about. Let's not let this bring us down and let's go find them." So that is what we have decided to do. God bless Danielle.

My hump day was on Thursday and I didn't even remember because that was the day we finally moved into our new apartment and after hours of cleaning and organizing and heavy lifting I just sat on the floor and tried not to have a mental breakdown. Elder Tharp, Elder Gordon (The Ellicott City Elders), Elder Singleton and Elder Gerhke (rhymes with turkey - Zone leaders) were moving all of the really big items into this new apartment and then after a few minutes all four of them disappeared into the back room for little, so I got up to see what they were doing and I walked into our bedroom to find them all arguing about how to put a fitted sheet on a bed and whose blankets were whose as they were trying to make our beds! *insert laughing face with tears emoji* It wasn't really a lot, but I know they were doing it to try and be kind because they knew how stressed we were. It was so sweet and after about 20 minutes they finally were satisfied with their work, me just laughing in the doorway, and Elder Tharp said, "Well, sisters, we know you slept on the floor last night but you're going to have to continue to do so because these made beds *gestures to the masterpiece* are ART and cannot be touched." The beds looked terrible. We were so grateful.

So yeah. I just gotta do this whole missionary thing ONE MORE TIME. I've done 9 months.. only about 9 more to go. yaaay #nevergoinghome

Hahah Actually, Chandler's never going home. Or Todd. HAHAH Love you two!

Keep it real everybody. Keep fasting and praying for Shelbers.
I love you all!


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