July 11, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock

The city is scary!

Heeeeey Everybody. It was quite the week.
Our investigators are all over the place. Martina called us on Tuedsday after noon and said, "Girls, I don't want to do this anymore. It seems really weird to me that you have this guy who you call a Prophet named Thomas. What is he even doing??? What makes him a Prophet??? It seems like a bunch of hooey to me. I'm out." And I'm thinking, "C'mon Martina. Don't be ridiculous. This is NOT the reason you are backing out." So I whipped out Alma 32 and we read it over the phone and her entire opinion flipped upside down. By the end of the conversation she was saying things again like, "I feel right about this. I just need to have faith." And we were on cloud nine!!! And then........
nothing. she ignored our phone calls for the next 5 days and didn't come to church like she said she would. AGENCY IS THE WORST!

So, I went on Exchanges this week. I got to go to the literal Hood, of Baltimore. right in the heart of the city. I was with Sister Humphrey the whole day, and she basically gave me the rundown on "How to survive in B-More as a Sister missionary." here are some of her tips/ the rules:
1. All Sister missionaries HAVE to be out of the city before sundown.
2. There are flashing lights that are connected to all the street lamps. If there is a blue light on, it means that you gotta be careful, because there have been murders and rapes and drug deals on that street in the past little bit. But, if there is a FLASHING blue light, it means it's an extremely dangerous area, with several murders, rapes, and drug deals within the past few days. Sister Humphry pulls up to a stoplight and points one out to me and says, "see that flashing blue light? It means there was a murder here the past couple of days. We probably won;t be walking around in that area too much today." and I'm thinking, "what the actual crap is Baltimore." and then you pull around the corner and there's this huge billboard that says "BALTIMORE: A CITY ORDAINED OF THE LORD." and I'm like lol really huh
3. Don't wave at anyone
4. DON'T walk around like you're new here or that you;re a tourist. Pretend like you belong on that street and walk like you've walked down that street a thousand times. Or else
5. All the kids are smarter than you. Don't forget that. (street smart... I talked to this 7 year old who literally spoke like a 19 year old.... terrifying. They know way too much. so sad.)

So yeah that was my exchange. There was a certain beauty to Baltimore that would really be easy to fall in love with. But I definitely wasn't sad about going back to Ellicott City, one of the richest cities in America, where everyone has nice houses and nice dogs and (people's cars get broken into in the church parking lot?) hahhaha

Danielle s doing okay.. I think she's just kind of lazy. :/ she doesn't want to do anything. We will have a really great lesson with her and she will feel the spirit, but she won't do anything about it. She hasn't come to church for the last few weeks and she just doesn't want to commit. :/

We were able to teach Marcia this week again. She is the one who has been attending church for about a month. We taught her in the Primary room after church with 4 other members present in the lesson. It was a very humbling experience for me!! As Sister Bullock started to extend the baptismal commitment after we talked a little bit about the BOM, in my head I'm thinking, "NO! No! We haven't even explained the doctrine of baptism or how she can know these things for herself - NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME DON'T DO IT!!!" And she did it. She fumbled through a timid baptismal invite, and I anticipated the worst. But Marcia looked at us and smiled. "That sounds great! I've been thinking I need to do that."
Wow. So humbled right there. My trainee is blowing me out of the WATER!

ANyway. Love you all so much. God is SO good.


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