July 5, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock

Happy 4th and tornado cleanup!

It has been a week of miracles, Ladies and Gents.

It all started on Tuesday, when us as missionaries gathered as a Zone to discuss how we can be better missionaries and how we can help our investigators progress to baptism. It was the most powerful meeting I have yet been to on my mission, it ended with us writing on a slip of paper something we wanted to "break up" with, so we could be more fully consecrated, and we burned them. It was very symbolic.

We saw this result of this excitement in a few lessons we taught this week. While teaching Martina, the investigator who called us a few weeks ago and told us she wanted to be baptized, the spirit was so strong and It was amazing to feel confidence in testifying and extending commitments. She is going to be baptized soon! She wants it and she called us a few days ago just to say, "Ladies, this feels so right. This church is so right for me!" What a blessing.

Teaching Tina Shaw, out Headquarter referral, was wonderful as well. We brought along a member and we had a powerful lesson on the Plan of salvation and the Atonement. Tina told us that she had spent some time reading the Book of Mormon and She loved what Nephi says about the Love of God. It really resonated with her and she loves the way the Book of Mormon makes her feel. It is such a blessing to see these people's faith grow.

Also, someone that Sister Bullock and I talked to on the street is getting baptized this next week :) Feris was running past us, and usually I'm not bold enough to stop runners but this time I decided to yell "Hey! Wait! we have a picture of Jesus for you!"He stopped an chatted with us and he was really excited about coming to church, so we sent the Elders over to talk to him more. he came to church and he has "Been waiting to be baptized his whole life."Moral of the story? TALK TO EVERYONE!!

Ana and John, the amazing family that we have been talking with, have moved just outside of our area. This has been extremely emotional for everyone involved. When we talked to Ana on Friday night, she broke down crying. She said, "Everything in my life was great. I had my children, my new home, these two beautiful sisters and friends that God had sent me, and now everything has fallen apart this week." She found out this week that she had miscarried her baby, that she might not have custody over her son anymore, and that Sister Bullock and I weren't allowed to come visit her anymore, and it was all very hard. Friday was a hard day.

Danielle is doing better this week. She finished reading the Doctrine and Covenants and still would really like to be baptized. She'll get there. Patience and Love.

Service Project on Saturday was insane. I have never been so tired, cut up, and covered in sap. Service with a smile! Stinkin Tornado.

Funny Story: Sister Bullock and I were out tracting in the hood, and we came across this group of Black gangster lookin' guys, and they had beer in their hands and were playing all sorts of Wildly inappropriate music and such. In some insane stroke of courage, I started to walk up to them and sister Bullock whispers, "We are going to die"
I walk up and say over their blaring music: "Ya'll want a picture of Jesus??"
They took and and even though they were looking at both of us like a piece of meat, I felt the spirit burn in my heart and I told them that there was a prophet on the Earth today and a God who loved them. They were quiet and then one of them said, "ya'll are pretty brave, to come up to us like that. We'll check yo church sometime."
It was terrifying. God is so real. P.S. we didn't die:)

I love you all so much. Being a missionary is the bomb.


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