June 13, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Chugg

New Comp Sister Bullock

** Me-Sorry everyone I was at youth conference so this one is posted a week late**

My week was pretty good! Kind of stressful and kind of like a million things were going on and yeah
but I'm alive.

Danielle is a mess. She dropped us on Monday night by saying, "well, if none of the churches were good enough for Joseph Smith, then this one isn't good enough for me." And my heart broke. She said she didn't want to convert anymore. Sister Chugg and I cried and cried the whole way home. I didn't sleep at all that night. I was so angry and frustrated and I understood in that moment what it must feel like to be a parent, to watch your children make wrong decisions because of their agency. It was the worst. We will still pray and hope for her.

My new comp is Sister Bullock. She is awesome. I have a great companion. She is very enthusiastic about the work. She has cystic Fibrosis and have to do all of these crazy breathing treatments in the morning which is kind of exciting. It feels very normal to have someone around me who I have to ask "How are your lungs?" Every so often.
Sister Bullock is kicking my butt. She is so awesome and energetic and I love being able to learn from her. It's kind of strange being completely in charge and having to explain rules and stuff. I feel like I just got here. lol

My Favorite member here is Katie Urso. I met her on my first day here and we have gone over weekly since. She is less active and she has the CUTEST Children and the sweetest little sassmaster girl with cerebral palsy. I love her. Sister Urso is literally one of the only members who watches out for us. She calls us and makes sure we have a dinner every night in the week, and If we don't we are forced to go over. haha! Also she teaches us how to make food and she lets us clean her house. I love her.

Also, I saw Sister Olsen at stake conference yesterday. I cried. I miss her so much. I love her so much.

Anyway. That cute African family is avoiding us. I'll have more to say about the work next week, I promise. Something really cool that happened, on Thursday night, it was 8:45 at night and normal we would just go inside if we didn't have any more plans for the day, but I decided to get Sister Bullock out of her comfort Zone a bit and so we walked around the apartment to go talk to people. Just around the corner, we saw this lady trying to carry boxes out into her car and so we offered to help. She stopped dead in her tracks and said very quietly, "Yes, Please." after we had filled her car up with boxes from inside the house, she told us that her and her family were moving on Saturday and that she just felt like God wasn't listening to her and she felt overwhelmed and the weight of the world. She said that about 2 minutes before she showed up, she was praying the God would send her something to help her feel peace and love. She said "And now you two are here." We told her we were going to come back on Saturday and help her move everything else and she broke down sobbing. She's this Beautiful Puerto Rican lady and she's probably 32 years old. We prayed with her before we walked off. On Saturday, we went back and helped her with moving for 5 HOURS. It was hard work. We met her husband, who is a retired football coach. these are seriously the nicest people who have ever lived. we had so much fun together, we ended up eating with them and talking about religion and setting things up for their new house (just around the corner). She kept telling everyone there, "These two girls are my gift from God." and we actually ran into them by accident AGAIN yesterday. Ana (The lady) Jumped out of her car and ran to us. "Mami's! My beautiful girls! We miss you. You are our friends now. Come over tomorrow again and we can talk more about God." John, her husband, was like "You girls are amazing. We are friends now, okay? forever. You text uncle John whenever you need me to beat someone up for you." So yeah. We text Ana a lot now and We are really excited to go over tomorrow - we are going to give them a book of Mormon. It is amazing to me how God LITERALLY puts people in our path who need us. we are developing a friendship with this beautiful family and they are going to get baptized. Wahoo.


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