May 23, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Chugg

The Teachers become the Investigators

Wow. It was a emotional week. I don't have a lot of time so I'll give you a quick update.

Danielle is doing okay. Really losing faith that she can ever quit smoking. She came to church and the Sunday school lesson was on Baptism and she practically taught the class. She knows what she needs to be doing. I feel frustrated with the situation sometimes, and then I remember that this is what my parents must have felt like my whole life growing up. Why don't you just choose the right thing??!?!? You know it is right!!!! Yep. I was a turd. Don't kiss people while you are still in high school, kids.

On Friday we taught Rita and Peter again. Showed them the book of Mormon and they were so excited. the most humbling teaching experience I have ever had. These people have nothing but each other and their God and they are happy. They don't need new clothes or a big home, they just need prayer and family. They teach me what matters and for that I am grateful.

Also.... we may or may not have accidentally ended up as investigators to the Jehovah's Witnesses. We met this Lady on the Street a few weeks ago who starts going on this craaazy rant about the Bible and everything she said was right but also it was just funny because we barely got a word in. Anyway, on Thursday night she calls us and since we were home planning, she launches into this huge long bible discussion and 45 minutes later she is showing us scriptures, trying to convince us that Heavenly Father's name is Jehovah and we are like looking at each other (glad this was over the phone) like... uhm... nah. But we had some good discussions about some other things and tried to get our testimonies in there, but she doesn't really let us talk much. (her first teaching flaw) Anyway. We have another call set up with her this week. We hung up the phone and said "... well I guess we are investigating the Jehovah Witnesses Church" and then busted up laughing. We are gonna baptize her.

All I have to say is... Exact Obedience makes a happy missionary. Don't be stupid. Make good choices.
I love you all. Thank you for all you do!


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