May 9, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Chugg

The Sky is crying and the work is poppin

Hey all!
It has been an amazing week. Very rainy and very cloudy. The rain hasn't stopped for 2 weeks and we see no end in sight. I already love it here in Ellicott City. There are SO many people. Not an exaggeration, there are probably at least 40 times the amount of people here as there was in walkersville. Our area covers parts of Baltimore City and that's exciting.
I am not a city person.

Anyway, on Tuesday and Wednesday we met this Less Active named Edwina Moses. I had heard of this legendary lady from before I even entered this area. Edwina is this huge black lady with the biggest attitude and the biggest heart. She takes to giving all the missionaries nicknames. I have officially been declared as Rosebud. Sister Chugg is Patience. It's a lot better than Elder Dearden, whose nickname is Raisin Head. Hahha. She is soooo sassy and I love her to death. She is extremely ill and can't do a lot but on Wednesday we stopped by to get her some ginger ale, and she said "LADIES I JUST ORDERED US A CHEESE PIZZA FROM DOMINOES AND THE LORD KNOWS HOW MUCH I DON'T NEED TO EAT THIS ON MY OWN SO YOU TWO BEST GET YOUR BRITCHES IN HERE." And I mean... we weren't planning on staying but we didn't have a dinner that night so it worked out rather well. I love her to death.

Danielle is our progressing investigator right now!! She is amazing. She is in a group home right now with a bunch of crazy old ladies and on Friday night President Christiansen came and gave her a blessing. His presence there made all those 90 year olds go a little crazy. Especially when they heard he was the President and they realized they weren't properly dressed for such an occasion. Haha! Danielle was strengthened by the blessing and believes that she will be able to quit smoking. I know she will. She is going to be baptized on the 21st of May!

Love you all. God is in every detail of our lives. Let us thank Him and live worthy of His blessings!


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