May 2, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Chugg

Ellicott City

**Here are some questions that I asked Savanna in my letter and her responses**

How was the move?
*Did everything fit in your luggage?
*Did you take your bike with you?
*How do you get to your new area?
*New Comp like, not like?
*How is the area?
*Do you like being close to the presidents?
*What is your new address?
*Do you have your own car or just your bikes?
*Do you like the ward?
*Do you live in an apartment?
*Are you the “senior comp”? I’m not sure what that even means:)
*Is there more work in that area?

Hey there everyone. I'm going to answer my mom's questions.
The move was hard emotionally, fine physically
Yes everything fit in my luggage
Yes I took my bike
Ari Hernandez drove all of us to Columbia Stake center where all the missionaries were gathering for swapping place and such
I LOVE Her. She's wonderful
Area is a lot different. More people. More confusing.
I don't really see President but it's interesting seeing the Assistants all the time
Just send everything to the mission office. Have everyone do that. It makes our life easier because we live right across the street.
4785 Dorsey Hall Dr Ste 105
Ellicott City MD 21042-7862

We have our own car! yay!
The Ward is different. I'm sure I will grow to love them just as much as I did Walkersville.
We live kind of close to the assistants, but they are never home. There are always doing fancy pants important things. Granted, we are never home either. Walkersville was a very unique situation.
We live in an apartment. I still have my own bathroom and a walk in closet so that's awesome. It's a nice place.
Technically I'm the senior comp but Sister Chugg is so wise that I just feel like the baby again hahaha
There is a lot more work in this area.

Saying goodbye to The people in my beautiful Walkersville has GOT to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. Anyway. I love Sister Chugg. She is kind and incredibly intelligent and confident and clever and quiet. We get along great. Basically this whole week has been a mess and sometimes I look at my life and I'm like......
why am I so happy?
lol. I know why.
So yes. I am sad, because I miss everyone. But I'm overall.. pretty darn happy. :)
Life is good.
Sister Sanborn


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